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From Lagos to Los Angeles: Nollywood Films Make Their Mark in Hollywood

A Landmark Event Celebrating Nigeria’s Rich Cinematic Heritage and Introducing Nollywood Films to Hollywood's Global Stage

by Motoni Olodun

Nigerian cinema, popularly known as Nollywood, will be celebrated in Hollywood this month with a showcase of classic and contemporary films. The event, called Nollywood in Hollywood, is an initiative to promote Nigerian stories, talent, and industry to the global film community.

The showcase will feature two films that represent Nigeria’s past and present: Things Fall Apart, a 1971 adaptation of Chinua Achebe’s novel of the same name, and No Longer At Ease, another novel by the same author; and The Trade, a 2021 film by Jadesola Osiberu that explores the human trafficking crisis in Nigeria. The event will also include All The Colors Of The World Are Between Black And White, a documentary by Babatunde Opalowo that won an award at the Berlin International Film Festival.

The event is co-founded by Ose Oyamendan, a Nigerian-American filmmaker based in Hollywood, who said the rich history and diversity of Nollywood inspired him. “I am very particular that the world sees the other, the better and true side of Nigeria, and it starts with the world hearing our stories on the biggest stage,” he said.

The event is co-partnered by the School of Cinema-Television at the University of Southern California, the world’s premier film institution, and American Cinematheque, the most prestigious screening institution in Hollywood. The showcase will be held online on September 22 and 23 and will be accessible for free to movie fans all over the world.

Nollywood is one of the largest film industries in the world, producing over 2,000 films per year. It has gained international recognition and acclaim for its original and diverse stories that reflect the realities and aspirations of Nigerians. Nollywood films have been screened and awarded at international film festivals, such as Cannes, Toronto, Sundance, and Venice.

Nollywood in Hollywood is not the only event that celebrates Nigerian cinema this year. In July, the Lagos International Film Festival was held, featuring over 100 films from Nigeria and other African countries. The festival also hosted workshops, masterclasses, and panel discussions with industry experts and celebrities.

Nollywood in Hollywood aims to create more opportunities and collaborations for Nigerian filmmakers and artists in the global market. It also hopes to inspire more young people to pursue their dreams and express their creativity through film. As Oyamendan said, “This year’s event sets up the 2022 edition brilliantly. We are planning a live, in-person celebration of Nollywood in the world’s capital’s entertainment.”

Source: The Sun

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