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Gov. Otti Leads Abia State Road Improvements.

by Adenike Adeodun

Governor Dr. Alex Otti inaugurated the upgraded Emelogu, Shallom, and Cemetery roads in Aba, Abia State, to enhance the state’s economic and infrastructural outlook. Newly installed solar streetlights now illuminate these roads.

During the event, Otti highlighted the critical role of a well-maintained road network in fostering economic growth. He reaffirmed his dedication to delivering on his promises to the public, as reported by Vanguard.

He shared his vision of a transformed Aba equipped with modern infrastructure to uplift its socio-economic status. Significantly, he pointed out the restoration of the Cemetery Market road, which had been neglected and untraveled for two decades.

Otti also unveiled plans to regulate touts in market areas, ensuring hassle-free trading for both sellers and buyers.

Expressing his gratitude, the Governor thanked both the local community and the contractors involved. He also shared future projects: “A water fountain will soon adorn the Emelogu roundabout,” Otti announced. “Moreover, the section leading from this roundabout to the Orji Uzor bridge will be complete by year’s end. The entire stretch of Emelogu Road will be operational before we welcome 2023.”

Mr. Otumchere Oti, the Commissioner for Works, emphasized the economic benefits these upgraded roads would bring. He encouraged the community to play their part in keeping the roads pristine and hinted at upcoming regulations to deter road misuse.

The infrastructural improvements earned praise from several community leaders. Chief Jerry Kalu, representing ACCIMA, and Mr. Uche Okafor, a local resident, both conveyed their appreciation and assured the governor of the Aba community’s unwavering support.

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