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TCN Successfully Restores Electrical Power to Sokoto: What You Need to Know

by Adenike Adeodun

Just a day after restoring power at 6 p.m. on September 15th, the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) announced that it had successfully resumed bulk electricity supply to Sokoto State. The quick action follows the recent fire at the Birnin Kebbi Substation.

Ndidi Mbah, TCN’s General Manager for Public Affairs, confirmed the news in a public statement from Birnin Kebbi.

He outlined the company’s immediate actions, emphasizing that they reconnected Sokoto State via the Talata Mafara Substation.

In addition to Sokoto, TCN is actively working to restore power to Kebbi and the surrounding areas affected by the fire.

“Our engineering team, supported by our Managing Director/CEO and the Executive Director of Transmission Service Provider (TSP), is on the ground to speed up Kebbi’s reconnection to the national grid through an alternative substation,” said Mr. Mbah.

On the technical front, Mr. Mbah explained that TCN aims to channel electricity through power transformers with plate numbers 150MVA and 60MVA at the substation.

Guardian News reported that these transformers were fortunately untouched by the fire. To accelerate the repair process, TCN has also deployed additional resources and equipment from other regions.

Mr. Mbah commended Dr. Sule Abdulaziz, the CEO of TCN, for his immediate and steadfast commitment to resolving the crisis.

Dr. Abdulaziz not only pledged to restore power to Sokoto swiftly but also emphasized the need for a temporary back-feed for Kebbi. His longer-term vision includes leveraging the reliable power supply that the 150MVA power transformer offers.

In conclusion, Mr. Mbah expressed TCN’s sincere thanks to the leaders and residents of Sokoto and Kebbi States for their enduring patience during this challenging time.

“Our commitment is clear and unwavering,” he stated. “We are fully devoted to completing the repairs at the substation and providing reliable, consistent bulk electricity to all affected areas.”

Source: Guardian News

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