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Boosting Agricultural Productivity: Experts Converge in Ibadan for Seed Innovation Workshop

by Victor Adetimilehin

In a bid to enhance agricultural productivity and innovation, a diverse group of experts, including researchers, geneticists, breeders, farmers, and seed stakeholders, have gathered in Ibadan for a three-day capacity development workshop. This event, organized by the Consortium of International Agricultural Research Centre (CGIAR) SeedEqual Initiative in collaboration with the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) and International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), aims to equip participants with essential knowledge about improved productivity in agriculture.


The workshop, coordinated by Prof. Morufat Balogun, a geneticist, focuses on Vegetatively-Propagated Crops (VPC) such as cassava, sweet potato, banana/plantain, and yam. Participants are being trained in the use of digital tools, particularly seed trackers, to access high-quality seeds and other planting materials.


Prof. Balogun emphasized that the goal is to empower participants, particularly farmers, with information about seed varieties in vegetative-propagated crops. With the aid of seed trackers, farmers can efficiently connect with the seed value chain, ultimately boosting their productivity and returns on investment.


The workshop is part of the geo-targeting activities of the SeedEqual Initiative of CGIAR, recognizing that different regions have unique agricultural needs influenced by climate and demand. By tailoring solutions to specific geographical areas, the initiative aims to increase yields and livelihoods.


Prof. Balogun encouraged farmers to embrace digital tools and access relevant information online. She also urged them to involve the younger generation in agriculture, making it a glamorous and economically impactful endeavor.


Participants at the workshop, like Krystle Ambayec-Dino from IRRI, are enthusiastic about the opportunity to enhance their access to quality seeds through seed tracker applications. Ambayec-Dino urged attendees to share the knowledge gained with others who were not present, ensuring a ripple effect of innovation.


Mr. Lava Kumar, the IITA Head of Germplasm Health Unit and Virologist, highlighted the comprehensive capabilities of the seed tracker, which offers digital data collection tools for seed value chain management. He encouraged farmers to utilize this technology to access high-quality seed varieties and planting materials.


This workshop represents a significant step towards advancing agricultural practices in Nigeria and fostering collaboration among various stakeholders. By harnessing digital tools and tailoring solutions to regional needs, the agricultural sector is poised for positive transformation.


Source: Vanguard

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