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Youths Warn of Impending Crisis to Bola Tinubu Over Kano Tribunal Ruling

by Victor Adetimilehin


In the realm of politics, there is an emerging specter that has caught the attention of the Northern Youth Assembly. In a resounding message, they have issued a stern warning to President Bola Tinubu, beseeching him to remain impervious to certain elements within his government who seem resolute in their quest to incite turmoil in Kano State.


This cautionary stance arises in the wake of a recent tribunal verdict that overturned the electoral victory of Abba Yusuf as the Governor of Kano State. The youth organization has underlined that any potential upheaval stemming from this predicament holds the potential to cast a long shadow over Tinubu’s reputation within the Northern region, a region of paramount significance in Nigeria’s political landscape.


The open letter conveying this message, jointly signed by the acting President, Dr. Ali Idris, and National Publicity Secretary, Adikwu Joshua, serves as a testament to the gravity and exigency of the matter at hand. They have chosen to utilize the media as their conduit for communication, bypassing formal protocols to expedite their message.


They stated, “As you are fully aware, Kano is officially the most populous state in the country, with an estimated 20 million people. It is also the heartbeat of the North, upon which many citizens of other states heavily depend for economic viability.”


The group highlighted the political stability that Kano has enjoyed since 2019, attributing it to the sacrifices made by various individuals and organizations. However, they expressed concern that if electoral injustice were to persist within Nigeria’s democratic system, undermining democratic principles of fairness, the consequences could be dire.


The letter continued, “The alleged conspiracy by some elements in government, deploying government machinery and influence to destabilize Kano, would not only affect Kano alone but would also create a cascading negative impact on other states of the federation. Using politics to spark a crisis in Kano through the Governorship Election Petition Tribunal could escalate tensions and prove difficult to contain.”


The youth earnestly implore President Tinubu to take immediate and decisive action to avert the looming crisis. They fervently caution members of his party who may be inclined towards political recklessness and emphasize that the potential risks far outweigh any perceived benefits.


In conclusion, the youths called on Tinubu to intervene and help restore stability and confidence in the political landscape. They expressed their belief in the power of leadership to navigate challenging situations and bring about positive change.


Source: [The Guardian]

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