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Nurses, Midwives Commit to Indefinite Strike Action

by Adenike Adeodun

The National Association of Nurses and Midwives (NANM) stands firm and announces their intent to join the upcoming nationwide strike. Several leading figures from the association actively endorsed an official notice that communicated this crucial decision.

 Notably, Secretary T. A. Shettima, National President Nnachi Michael Ekuma, and Deputy National President Shehu Abubakar affixed their signatures, signaling the association’s collective resolution.

A key point highlighted in the notice also pertained to a significant decision taken earlier this year. In May 2023, under President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s leadership, the Federal Government opted to remove the fuel subsidy. 

While this might have aligned with the government’s broader economic objectives, it has undeniably brought about tangible hardships. The most affected? Nigerian workers and those in economically vulnerable positions are now grappling with skyrocketing costs for basic necessities, making everyday living increasingly challenging.

Despite the evident strain on the common Nigerian, the government seemed to have paid no heed to repeated attempts by the NLC to highlight and address these concerns, as reported by the Daily Post.

The notice from the NANM elucidated, “Time and again, the NLC leadership reached out with several propositions. Their aim? To introduce measures that could ease the workers’ economic burden.” 

They organized public demonstrations, went on a three-day warning strike, and issued a series of ultimatums. However, the government’s response, or the lack thereof, was dishearteningly tepid.

Given the unresponsive stance of the Federal Government, the NLC leadership found it imperative to escalate their efforts. On 26th September 2023, they convened a pivotal meeting. The outcome was unanimous: they would instigate an indefinite nationwide strike.

The NANM, echoing the sentiment and urgency of the situation, stated in their notice, “In line with the deliberations and subsequent resolutions of the Nigeria Labour Congress’ National Executive Council, we hereby notify of our decision to actively participate in the nationwide industrial action commencing on Tuesday, 3rd October.”

This latest development from the NANM underscores a broader sentiment prevalent among various labor associations across the country. There’s a palpable sense of unity and determination to push for improved conditions and a more considerate approach from the government. 

As Nigeria braces for the impact of the impending strike, anticipation mounts. Everyone, from the common citizen to industry leaders, waits with bated breath, hoping the Federal Government will finally recognize the magnitude of the concerns, leading to a constructive dialogue and a resolution that benefits all.


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