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Osun Government Champions Quality Education for All Children

by Oluwatosin Racheal Alabi

Osun State Government, in its renewed vow, emphasizes its dedication to making quality education accessible for every child in the state. This statement aligns with the state’s mission, particularly as Sam-Oyus Foundation, a notable NGO, donated 5,000 writing materials to pupils across primary schools in Modakeke.

In a recent event at Saint Stephen Grammar in Modakeke, Dipo Eluwole, the State Commissioner for Education, passionately appealed to private entities and individuals. Represented by Mrs. Rachael Alalade, the Zonal Education Inspector in the district, he stated, “To elevate the educational standards in the state, we need collective efforts.” He further emphasized the critical role of parents in nurturing their children’s welfare, believing it’s paramount for academic success.

State Governor, Ademola Adeleke, has shown unwavering support for educational development. His vision? Quality, affordable education for every Osun child. He believes that no child should face neglect when it comes to receiving premium education.

Following the writing materials’ distribution, Samuel Oyedotun, the founder of Sam-Oyus Foundation, shared his motivation. “Our commitment to bolstering quality education in Osun State propelled this initiative,” he remarked. He shed light on the foundation’s broader objectives, hinting at ambitious future plans. “Our primary aim is to set up an incubation center focused on Information Communications Technology, intending to foster innovation among young minds,” he added.

Osun State’s vision for an educated future is evident in its endeavors. Collaborative efforts, like those of the Sam-Oyus Foundation, strengthen this vision. With a collective aim to offer every child a quality education, the state sets a benchmark for others to follow.

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