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Nigerian Navy Foils N235 Million Cannabis Smuggling Operation in Lagos Waters

by Victor Adetimilehin

In a significant and commendable operation, the Nigerian Navy has successfully foiled a daring attempt by criminals to smuggle N235 million worth of Cannabis Sativa through the intricate waterways of Lagos. The operation, jointly executed by the Nigerian Navy Ship, NNS Beecroft, Apapa, and the Forward Operating Base, FOB, Badagry, resulted in the discovery of illicit substances concealed in 93 bags.


These seized contraband items, totaling 66 bags valued at N200 million, were recovered by the vigilant efforts of the NNS Beecroft. Additionally, the FOB Badagry played a crucial role in the operation by apprehending 27 bags with an estimated worth of N37 million. These illicit substances were unearthed in various locations, including Iworo, Ibeju, Pako Beach seaside, and other communities within Lagos State.


Commander NNS Beecroft, Commodore Kolawole Oguntuga, shared the details during the handover of the confiscated substances to the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA). He explained that these substances were seized in multiple operations, each involving bags weighing 40kg and containing suspected cannabis sativa. The suspects responsible for these illicit activities, upon encountering the Navy’s patrol team, quickly abandoned their cargo and fled in an attempt to evade arrest.


Expanding further on the operation, Navy Captain Adams Aliu, Commanding Officer of FOB Badagry, provided additional insight. He reported that intelligence had led them to a boat unloading the suspected contraband at Pako Beach, near Ajido. Swift action by the Base Quick Response Team prompted the smugglers to abandon their narcotics on the beach and flee in haste.


Captain Aliu conveyed, “Investigations are currently underway in collaboration with other security agencies to identify the drug trafficking syndicate. In due course, we will make arrests and initiate prosecution to ensure that those responsible for these unlawful activities face the full force of the law.”


Commander Oguntuga issued a stern warning to potential wrongdoers, emphasizing that “under the current leadership of Vice Admiral Emmanuel Ogalla in the Nigerian Navy, it is impossible to engage in such illicit activities unnoticed. We will employ our state-of-the-art surveillance equipment to detect and apprehend individuals involved in illegal activities. Nigerian waters and the Nigerian littoral zone are not conducive for unlawful actions.”


Representatives from the NDLEA, Merrs Paul Ahom and Dennis Fingere, expressed their appreciation for the Navy’s efforts and their unwavering support in the ongoing fight against illicit drugs. This successful operation serves as yet another significant step towards a safer and drug-free Nigeria.


In conclusion, the Nigerian Navy’s vigilant operation to thwart the smuggling of N235 million worth of cannabis sativa through Lagos waters underscores their commitment to upholding the law and safeguarding the nation from criminal activities. The collaboration with the NDLEA and other security agencies reaffirms the dedication to ensuring a drug-free and secure environment for all Nigerians.


Source: [Vanguard]

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