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Erisco Foods CEO Speaks Out on Business Climate, Controversial Review

by Oluwatosin Racheal Alabi

The Business Climate in Nigeria

Eric Umeofia, the CEO of Erisco Foods Ltd, expressed concern over the challenging business landscape in Nigeria. He pointed out the increasing number of companies relocating due to the unfavorable environment.

Controversy Over a Negative Review
Umeofia discussed a recent incident involving the arrest of Chioma Egodi, a woman who posted a negative review of Nagiko Tomato Mix, one of Erisco’s products, on social media.

The Contested Post
On September 17, the company responded to Egodi’s claim that their product contained sugar. They invited her for further clarification, defending the product and their reputation. Despite this, Egodi did not remove her negative review. Investigations revealed her intent to harm the company’s image.

Police Involvement
After Egodi’s refusal to provide additional details, the company involved the police. Umeofia personally requested the Inspector General of Police’s intervention. Subsequent police involvement led to Egodi’s confession and an apology, although she later claimed she apologized under duress.

Consumer Rights and Authorities’ Response
Umeofia expressed dissatisfaction with how the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC) handled the matter. Meanwhile, both NAFDAC and SON confirmed Erisco Foods’ products met the required standards.

About the Product
Erisco Foods asserts their Nagiko tomato mix complies with NAFDAC guidelines, which may include sugar. Umeofia emphasized their commitment to transparency and product quality.

Erisco Foods’ Reputation and Losses
The CEO mentioned the significant losses incurred due to the negative post, potentially jeopardizing deals worth millions of dollars. He reiterated Erisco Foods’ dedication to investing in Nigeria and the challenges faced while operating in the country.

Cybercrime Concerns
Umeofia called for stricter measures against cybercrimes, highlighting the potential for reputational damage through social media.

Support for Local Manufacturers
Erisco Foods champions made-in-Nigeria goods, focusing on job creation rather than profits. Umeofia stressed the importance of supporting and protecting local manufacturers for the nation’s economic growth.

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