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NGO: Nigeria’s Bad Governance Tied to Ethical, Moral Lapses

by Adenike Adeodun

Odeh Friday, Accountability Lab Nigeria’s Country Director, pinpointed the absence of moral and ethical standards as the root cause of Nigeria’s governance issues.

During his talk, “Reinforcing Ethical Governance in Nigeria: Integrating Policies for an Enhanced Framework,” he underscored that these deficiencies fuel the abuse of power and position among the country’s politicians.

“Absent ethical values, positive behaviors, and societal norms have weakened Nigeria’s governance effectiveness. Numerous politicians and public figures often abuse their positions, with behaviors ranging from nepotism and conflicts of interest to misuse of state data,” Friday explained.

According to a report by This Day Live, he emphasized the necessity of strict ethical protocols in government to curb wastefulness, deter abuse, and prioritize the public’s needs. Despite the existence of standards like the Code of Conduct for Public Servants, their enforcement remains inconsistent due to factors such as limited awareness of the National Ethics and Integrity Policy and scant adherence by public officials.

“There are opportunities, even obligations, to align these policies,” Friday noted. “Collaboration between government bodies, civil society groups, and private sector stakeholders is vital to fostering ethical practices.”

By harmonizing the Code of Conduct for Public Servants with the National Ethics and Integrity Policy, Friday believes Nigeria can establish an environment championing integrity, accountability, and prudent leadership, benefiting both its citizens and its international standing.

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