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Nigerian Stylist Shakes Up Italy with Free Haircuts, Charms All with Accent

by Oluwatosin Racheal Alabi

An Unexpected Street Show

October 19, 2023, marked a day of surprise for Pescara’s residents when Jimmy Ofuoyan, the Nigerian-born maestro behind 360Kuts, took to the streets, offering not just free stylish haircuts but also a shopping spree. This unexpected display wasn’t just about the haircuts; Ofuoyan’s captivating Italian accent and vibrant personality created a buzz, causing quite a spectacle.

From Humble Beginnings to Celebrity Status

Life hasn’t always been a stage for Ofuoyan. He first arrived in Italy as a migrant, finding temporary homes in Abruzzo and Sicily. The skilled barber and part-time disc jockey hustled, carving his path from home-service gigs to becoming a sought-after hairstylist in Pescara.

Crafting Greatness Amid Struggle

Ofuoyan’s journey underscores a powerful narrative: greatness is crafted, not conferred. His early years were marred by hardship, a stark departure from a typical childhood. Despite limited formal education and financial hurdles, Ofuoyan’s unwavering resolve set him apart. He didn’t just learn the craft—he mastered it, turning obstacles into stepping stones.

A Young Apprentice Turns Visionary CEO

At just 12, Ofuoyan took control of his destiny. Under his brother’s tutelage, he delved into hairstyling, expanding his skills through online tutorials. This drive and dedication laid the foundation for what would become a booming enterprise, 360Kuts.

Survival and Skill: Ofuoyan’s Escape to a New Life

Trapped by human traffickers and incarcerated in Libya, Ofuoyan survived by leveraging his hairstyling skills, a strategy that earned him basic sustenance. His daring escape led him to Italy, closing a torturous chapter and embarking on a journey toward acclaim.


Social Media Catapults Local Barber to Stardom

Once in Italy, Ofuoyan’s prowess didn’t go unnoticed for long. Social media played spotlight, drawing international clients, including elite footballers and entertainers. His skillful hands and unique flair won him the ‘Blurriest/Fastest Fade Technique Barber Battle,’ a testament to his exceptional talent.

Giving Back: A Cut Above the Rest

In a remarkable turn, the skilled entrepreneur now uses his platform for more than business expansion. The recent street spectacle of free haircuts and shopping sprees is just one example of how Ofuoyan is giving back, proving his influence extends beyond the barber chair.

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