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Nigerian Firm Targets Fresh Fixes for Old Oil Woes

by Oluwatosin Racheal Alabi

As Nigeria grapples with persistent infrastructural woes, Aiteo, its largest independent oil producer, is driving a significant transformation in the oil sector, according to Bloomberg. This change comes with the introduction of Nembe Creek, an innovative oil blend, marking a strategic shift for both the company and the country.

In response to the prolonged downtime of the Nembe Creek trunk pipeline since February 2022, Aiteo has initiated the use of smaller, river-going tankers. These vessels are crucial in moving Nembe Creek from inland sites to worldwide markets, navigating the Niger Delta’s complex waterways. This approach, though potentially costlier, emphasizes Nigeria’s firm resolve to uphold its oil output, especially considering impending OPEC production quotas.

Aiteo’s acquisition of the pipeline in 2015, previously under Shell Plc’s management, has been instrumental in this logistical revamp. The company’s comprehensive tactics don’t just stop at transport but also include deploying the Galilean 7, a floating storage offloading vessel near the Brass terminal. This strategy enhances the oil movement process, maintaining the steady flow of Nembe Creek oil.

While these developments mark a new phase for Aiteo, they leave Shell’s Nigerian oil share unaffected. The latter’s operational role ended post the 2015 asset sale to Aiteo. Responses from both Aiteo and the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation concerning this evolution remain pending.

Moreover, global oil market trends continue to influence the sector. Nigeria’s Bonny Light crude has seen a price jump, hitting a striking $92.24 per barrel, a development attributed to OPEC’s positive production projections amidst volatile prices for other key oil types. Factors like the Israeli-Hamas conflict are also in play, adding layers to market intricacies.

Aiteo’s commitment to these pioneering steps reflects a broader, resilient strategy. It aligns with Nigeria’s economic objectives, demonstrating adaptability and a forward-thinking mindset in a challenging global energy terrain. The debut of the Nembe Creek blend is a testament to Nigeria’s agility and determination to navigate the dynamic energy sector landscape.

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