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FHS Leads Ghana Through Pandemic Recovery

by Oluwatosin Racheal Alabi

As the COVID-19 pandemic took a toll globally, Frontiers Healthcare Services (FHS) distinguished itself by orchestrating a groundbreaking response in Ghana. They took charge, conducting essential COVID-19 tests and displaying staunch commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR), leadership, and innovation.

The pandemic severely impacted Ghana, especially its aviation sector, necessitating an urgent, effective strategy to resume international travel. FHS answered this call, collaborating with key local entities to establish a cutting-edge testing facility at Kotoka International Airport, a move that would revive the nation’s economy.

In an impressive two weeks, FHS built an advanced laboratory at the airport. The facility, equipped with modern clean rooms and private sampling cubicles, aimed to expedite the testing process, addressing the critical issue of pre-departure false negatives and slow result turnaround.

FHS revolutionized testing procedures. They introduced online systems for registration and payment, facilitating a smoother travel experience. Their high-capacity booths and laboratories ensured quick, accurate testing, a crucial step in preventing the virus’s spread.

FHS’s initiative had a far-reaching impact. They tested over 850,000 passengers, identifying around 8,000 COVID-19 positive cases, preventing a potential public health disaster. Their strategy spared travelers from expensive quarantine, saved governmental resources, and created jobs, boosting the local economy.

Beyond healthcare, FHS exhibited profound CSR. They waived fees for select groups and conducted free tests at isolation centers, underlining their commitment not just to profit but to societal welfare.

Despite its success, FHS faced controversies, particularly regarding contract awards, testing quality, and costs. In response, they released a financial breakdown to clarify misconceptions, affirming their focus on safe, affordable travel over profit.

FHS’s rapid, innovative actions at Kotoka International Airport exemplify exceptional crisis leadership. Their initiatives protected public health, contributed to Ghana’s economic rebound, and showcased a path forward for global crisis response strategies. Internationally lauded, FHS’s vital contributions fortified Ghana’s defenses against the virus, proving instrumental in saving lives and sustaining the economy.

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