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Tinubu Claims Legal Victory, Faces Uphill Battle Ahead

by Oluwatosin Racheal Alabi

While President Bola Tinubu celebrated his recent Supreme Court win, seasoned economist and politician Chief Mascot Uzor-Kalu warned of challenges ahead. The court upheld Tinubu’s electoral triumph, but Uzor-Kalu believes the real battle lies in winning over the majority.

Notably, Tinubu secured his presidency with a mere 38% of the votes. Uzor-Kalu emphasized, “62% of voters chose against him. He needs to gain their trust over his term.” Aiming to unite a nation divided by this election, Tinubu’s mission is clear: better the economy and bridge divides.

Uzor-Kalu wasn’t surprised by the court’s verdict. He felt the opposition, particularly the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and Labour Party (LP), focused more on media trials than building strong cases.

His statement shed light on Nigeria’s post-election disputes, specifically the recent drama surrounding Tinubu’s academic qualifications. The opposition’s quest led them to Chicago State University, seeking proof against Tinubu. However, their efforts fell flat, with Justice John Okoro of the Supreme Court emphasizing evidence-based rulings.

Although Tinubu cleared legal hurdles, Uzor-Kalu sees a broader challenge. “This election polarized our nation,” he remarked, stressing the importance of winning over the opposing 62% of voters. For success, Tinubu must address Nigeria’s economic woes, from a weak Naira to staggering unemployment.

Concluding, Uzor-Kalu stated, “Tinubu’s supporters, even the 38%, could waver if economic strains persist. The real war is just beginning.”

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