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Controversial Victories Stir Protests: Uzodimma, Ododo Win Amidst Allegations

The protests and controversies surrounding Governor Uzodimma's and Ododo's wins.

by Victor Adetimilehin

Governor Hope Uzodimma of Imo State and Usman Ododo of Kogi State secured contentious victories in their respective governorship polls. The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) declared Uzodimma’s re-election after a clean sweep across all 27 local government areas, amassing a total of 540,008 votes. Similarly, Ododo clinched Kogi’s top seat with 446,237 votes.

In Imo, opposition parties, notably the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and Labour Party (LP), vehemently objected, alleging a collusion between security agents and APC members to manipulate the election results. The PDP’s Samuel Anyanwu and LP’s Athan Aconu demanded a total cancellation, citing irregularities and a compromise of the electoral process.

Meanwhile, Kogi faced its share of controversy, with the Social Democratic Party (SDP) and PDP calling for the cancellation of results in Okene, Okehi, Ogori Magongo, Adavi, Ajaokuta, and parts of Lokoja. They pointed to corrupt practices, vote-buying, and over-voting as the basis for their objections.


In Bayelsa, hundreds of PDP supporters took to the streets in protest against the announced results, particularly in Nembe-Bassambiri, where they claimed widespread disenfranchisement and the fabrication of results. On the other side, the APC staunchly defended the legitimacy of their victory, asserting that the election was conducted fairly and in accordance with electoral guidelines.

In a worrying development, some INEC officials found themselves held hostage in Brass LG, Bayelsa. The Commission promptly called on the police and other security operatives to investigate the situation and secure the immediate release of the officials.

Despite the turmoil and unrest surrounding these election outcomes, Governor Uzodimma called for unity, emphasizing a commitment to the state’s progress. The PDP and LP, undeterred by the results, vowed to challenge them in court, while the APC urged INEC to protect the integrity of the votes and ensure a fair resolution.

As the political landscape continues to evolve with these post-election controversies, the hope for a fair and just resolution remains strong, echoing the resilience of democratic processes and the collective desire for a transparent electoral system.


Source: Punch

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