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Ogbomoso Residents Demand Road Dualization to Curb Fatal Accidents

Community Urges Government Action on Dangerous Stretch of Road

by Adenike Adeodun

Amid growing safety concerns, the residents of Ogbomoso in Oyo State have urgently called on both the federal and state governments to dualize the major trunk A road that runs through the city. This plea comes in the wake of a series of fatal road accidents, including the tragic loss of 18 lives in just one week, as reported by DAILY POST.

The road, which spans approximately 7 to 8 kilometers, connects Ogbomoso to various parts of southern and northern Nigeria. The stretch in question includes critical junctions such as Agric, Arinkinkin High School, Caretaker, Takie, Sabo, and Aroje. The urgency of the situation escalated following recent accidents that claimed the lives of three traditional rulers from the Oriire Local Government Area and several motorcyclists in separate incidents.

In one devastating event, a petrol tanker accident at Sekona village resulted in nine fatalities, with the victims burned beyond recognition. Additionally, a trailer crushed the limbs of a motorcyclist and their passenger near Caretaker/Ijeru Baptist Basic School, and a logging truck accident at Sekoni Hill claimed another life.

Distressed by these recurring tragedies, locals are appealing for the road to be upgraded to a dual carriageway. Such an upgrade, they believe, would significantly reduce the risk of head-on collisions and provide more room for drivers to maneuver during emergencies.

Mr. Idowu Ashifa, voicing his concerns, specifically called on Governor Seyi Makinde to prioritize the dualization of this key road. Another resident, Michael Adegbosin, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the necessity of a dual carriageway for safer driving conditions.

According to a report by the Daily Post, the community’s requests extend beyond road dualization. There is a strong call for the construction of flyover bridges at strategic points such as Takie Square and Caretaker Junction, areas notorious for accidents. One resident emphasized the potential of a flyover at Takie to prevent future tragedies, citing Governor Makinde’s previous commitment to infrastructure development in the area.

The residents’ outcry reflects a dire need for immediate government intervention to transform this dangerous stretch of road into a safer passage for all.

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