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NAPTAN Urges FG, Academic Unions to End Strikes in 2024

Nigeria's National Parents Teachers Association (NAPTAN) addresses insecurity and student loan issues

by Victor Adetimilehin


Nigeria’s National Parents Teachers Association (NAPTAN) has called on the federal government and academic unions to end the frequent strikes that have disrupted the education sector in the country.


The association said the strikes have negatively affected the quality of education and the future of millions of students.


NAPTAN’s Deputy National President, Adeolu Ogunbanjo, appealed in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Friday. He said the association was concerned about the state of education in the country, especially in the tertiary institutions, where strikes have become a norm.


Adeolu urged the government and the unions to find a lasting solution to the issues that have led to the industrial actions, such as salary, allowances, funding, and infrastructure. He also advised the unions to explore other means of dialogue and negotiation, rather than resorting to strikes, which he said were detrimental to the students and the nation.


“The entire idea and focus of both the academic unions and government should be to see our education sector progress to the next level, against the unnecessary rancor,” he said.


He added that NAPTAN was ready to partner with the government and the unions to ensure the stability and improvement of the education sector.


Insecurity and Student Loan

Ogunbanjo also identified insecurity as a major challenge affecting the education sector, especially in the northern parts of the country, where bandits and terrorists have attacked and kidnapped students and teachers.


He said the security agencies must intensify their efforts to protect schools and ensure the safe return of the abducted students. Ogunbanjo also commended the government for introducing the student loan scheme, which he said would help many students access higher education.


He appealed to the government to make the loan accessible and seamless, without too many stringent conditions.


“Too many stringent processes will defeat the purpose or idea behind the student loan. I, hereby, appeal to the Federal Government to make it accessible and seamless so that people can benefit,” he said.


Service Delivery and Readability

Ogunbanjo also called on the academic staff to improve their service delivery and address the issue of missing results, which he said was a common complaint from parents and students.


He said the academic staff should be dedicated and accountable to their duties and ensure that students get their results on time.


Based on a report by  Punch,  he also urged the government to provide more grants for research and development, which he said was a vital aspect of university education.


He expressed optimism that the education sector would witness positive changes in 2024 if all stakeholders work together for the common good.


NAPTAN would continue to support and advocate for the welfare and rights of parents, teachers, and students in the country.

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