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Aregbesola’s Political Comeback in Osun Faces Skepticism, Former Deputy Speaker Weighs In

Yusuff Questions Aregbesola's Capacity to Lead Osun Politics Amid Shifting Alliances and Uncertainty

by Ikeoluwa Juliana Ogungbangbe

Mr. Lasun Yusuff, a former Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives and a prominent figure in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has cast doubt on the ability of former Osun State Governor Rauf Aregbesola to return to the state and assert control over its political landscape.

This reaction follows Aregbesola’s declaration at a political event organized by the Omoluabi Caucus in Ilesa last Saturday. During the event, Aregbesola hinted that he would reveal his next political move regarding Osun politics before the end of 2024.

However, Yusuff, speaking on the ‘Oro Oselu’ programme broadcasted on Rave FM, a private radio station in Osogbo, questioned Aregbesola’s prospects. He suggested that while Aregbesola was struggling to provide political direction, he might not have the capacity to lead the state’s political system once more.

Yusuff, a former member of the House of Representatives representing Osogbo/Olorunda/Irepodun/Orolu Federal Constituency, emphasized that Aregbesola’s initial rise to power as governor was achieved through collective leadership, which he believes Aregbesola currently lacks the capacity to replicate.

In a two-minute, 38-second video interview conducted in Yoruba and widely circulated on social media, Yusuff expressed his respect and affection for Aregbesola as a political associate and friend who once shared the limelight. He acknowledged Aregbesola’s past contributions to securing power for the progressive movement in the state.

Yusuff said, “If he is facing challenges now, I can’t be happy about it. But the only thing I know is that he is only struggling to regain that form. It may be out of his reach. Collective leadership made him governor. Just as I was unable to get my desired position, and I am not sad about it, it will not be easy for him to return to Osun and lead any political system again.”

He continued, “It is time to say the truth. He (Aregbesola) is someone that I love so much. I don’t know if he loves me the same way. That he opposed my ambition to be governor of Osun and Speaker of the House of Representatives are past issues. But him saying he would declare his next political move is a lie. Dynamics are no longer the same. Things have changed. But I won’t say Aregbesola will no longer be relevant politically because I am not God.”

In response to Yusuff’s remarks, Sola Fasure, Media Adviser to Aregbesola, highlighted Yusuff’s past political affiliations and his shifting positions. Fasure noted that Yusuff had switched between political parties, including the APC, PDP, and Labour Party, and had sought to contest the last governorship election in Osun State on different party platforms.

Fasure stated, “Whatever he says, therefore, is a function of his pursuit at the moment. If you recollect, he had viciously attacked Aregbesola at one time and at another praised him to high heaven. You should, therefore, situate his statement in light of what he had said about Aregbesola in the past.”

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