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Anambra State’s Ambitious Journey to Foster a Vibrant Tech Community

Anambra's Vision: Becoming a Tech Powerhouse in Nigeria

by Oluwatosin Racheal Alabi

In an ambitious move to position Anambra State as a hub for technological innovation, the wife of the Governor of Anambra State, Dr. Nonye Soludo, has confirmed the state government’s commitment to building a vibrant tech community. This initiative aims to produce leading figures in the global tech industry and position Anambra as a central player in Nigeria’s digital economy.

At a recent event titled “SID Tech Hangout with the First Lady of Anambra State” held at the Solution Innovation District (SID), a burgeoning tech hub in Anambra, Dr. Soludo articulated the government’s vision. She emphasized the importance of technology as the new oil boom, urging Anambra youths to embrace digital skills offered through government programs like SID to become self-reliant and globally competitive.

Dr. Soludo stated, “Our administration’s philosophy of ‘Everything Technology, Technology Everywhere’ is designed to nurture a generation of tech experts who will lead exportable technological disruption from their Anambra homes. We are progressively building our own Silicon Valley here in Anambra.”

The First Lady’s presence at the event underscored her dedication to fostering technological advancement in the state. She commended Ms. Chinwe Okoli, the Special Adviser to the Governor on Innovation and Business Incubation, for her passion and contribution to the project, which she believes is bringing the anticipated solutions to the fore.

Ms. Okoli, during the facility tour of SID hub, highlighted the significant achievements of the hub, including the ongoing Code Anambra program. This initiative is aimed at training 2000 Anambra youths in coding and advanced digital skills, signifying a significant stride in tech education and capacity building in the state.

Further strengthening the state’s commitment to technology, Prof. K. K Nwazor from Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University shared insights on the university’s collaboration with SID in advancing science and technology. This partnership exemplifies the synergy between academic institutions and tech hubs in nurturing tech talents.

Adding to this, Frank Uzochukwu Oli from the Nigeria Office for Developing Indigenous Telecoms Sector (NODITS) at the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), recognized the positive impact of the Code Anambra beneficiaries. He affirmed NCC’s ongoing partnership with SID in building human capacity among the state’s youth.

Mr. Christian Udechukwu, Anambra Commissioner for Industry, highlighted the Soludo administration’s focus on sustainable human capital development, particularly among the youth. He praised the administration’s significant achievements in less than two years, particularly in the tech sector.

Mrs. Amaka Obi, Transition Committee Chairperson of Idemili South LGA, encouraged youths to invest in acquiring digital skills, emphasizing their critical importance in the contemporary digital world.

This event and the initiatives highlighted therein represent a significant step forward for Anambra State in the technology sector. The government’s focus on building a tech-savvy generation is not just about advancing technology but also about creating job opportunities, driving economic growth, and positioning the state as a leader in Nigeria’s digital transformation.

The Anambra State government’s approach serves as a model for other states in Nigeria and Africa at large. By focusing on technology, they are paving the way for a future where local talents are not only nurtured but are also instrumental in driving global technological advancements. The state’s ambition to become Nigeria’s Silicon Valley is a testament to the visionary leadership and the potential of African states to lead in the global tech arena.

In conclusion, the development of a vibrant tech community in Anambra State is a beacon of hope for Nigeria’s technological future. With the government’s commitment and collaborative efforts with educational institutions and industry partners, Anambra is well on its way to becoming a significant player in the global tech industry, producing tech experts capable of leading technological disruptions from their home soil.

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