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Soldier Slams Governor for Arresting Colleague, Army Chief Reacts

Nigerian Army investigates soldier who criticized Lagos governor for detaining his fellow motorcyclist

by Victor Adetimilehin

The Nigerian Army has arrested a soldier who slammed the Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, for ordering the arrest of his colleague and three other motorcyclists for driving against traffic on the Lagos-Badagry Expressway.

In a viral video, the soldier whose identity is yet to be revealed defended his colleague and criticized Sanwo-Olu for calling a soldier ‘useless’ in the presence of ‘bastard civilians’.

In addition, he said the state governor had no right to arrest a soldier, especially in front of his barracks, noting that soldiers are not under the control of any state governor but their senior officers.

Lt Gen. Taoreed Lagbaja, the Chief of Army Staff, expressed the Army’s displeasure with the soldier’s conduct, stating that it violates the discipline of the force.

They apprehended the soldier and are investigating others who acted in the same manner.


Army Condemns Indiscipline

Lagbaja addressed journalists on Tuesday in Enugu about the conduct of the soldiers. He said that they have arrested the soldiers who had acted in the same manner and are currently investigating others.

“The Army has investigated and the soldier has been apprehended and we are investigating for every other comical that you have seen on social media,” he said.

He said the soldier arrested for plying one way does not represent the Nigerian Army because, in every respect, it contravenes what the Army stands for which is discipline and the constitution and the laws of Lagos state.

However, he noted that contrary to the claims that three officers of the force had come out to defend their colleague and faulted the state governor, only one of them was an officer of the force.

“The others are not personnel of the Nigerian Army. We have investigated the mode of dressing of some of them, and you will know that they are not personnel of the Nigerian Army. An officer can never do that. And from the utterances that these people made, you’ll know the angle from which they are talking. They are talking about politics, not the Army,” he said.


Governor Defends His Action

Sanwo-Olu, who ordered the arrest of the soldier and three other motorcyclists on Monday, said he was acting by the law and his duty as the chief security officer of the state.

He said he was on his way to inaugurate a project when he saw the motorcyclists driving against traffic and endangering the lives of other road users. He explained that he stopped his convoy and confronted the violators, who claimed to be soldiers from a nearby barracks.

However, one of them called Sanwo-Olu ‘useless’ and challenged his authority, which shocked him. He then ordered his men to put the motorcyclists into the vehicle, stating that he was going to lock them up. He said he later handed them over to the military authorities for appropriate action.


Public Reaction

The incident has sparked mixed reactions from the public, with some commending the governor for his courage and others criticizing him for his high-handedness.

Some social media users praised Sanwo-Olu for enforcing the law and showing that no one is above the law. While others accused him of being selective and insensitive, saying he should focus on more pressing issues affecting the state.

Furthermore, some people suggested that the video could be staged or manipulated to tarnish the image of the governor or the Army, questioning its authenticity.

Despite the controversy, both the governor and the Army chief have expressed their commitment to ensuring peace and order in the state.

They said they would continue to work together to protect the lives and property of the citizens and uphold the rule of law.


Source: Punch 

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