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AfDB and Enugu State Join Forces for Investment Surge

Green Revolution: Transforming Agriculture and Infrastructure in Nigeria

by Oluwatosin Racheal Alabi

The African Development Bank (AfDB) has signaled its commitment to partner with the Enugu State Government in Nigeria, aiming to enhance investment and infrastructural development in the region. This collaboration was highlighted during a meeting between the Director-General of AfDB’s Nigeria Country Department, Lamin Barrow, and Enugu State Governor, Peter Mbah, at the Government House.

Barrow emphasized Nigeria’s pivotal role in the AfDB’s strategic plans, highlighting the bank’s approval of the first phase of the Special Agro-Processing Zone (SAPZ) program, valued at about $18 million. The SAPZ initiative is set to play a key role in boosting agricultural value chains in Enugu State, focusing on crops like cassava and maize, where the state holds a competitive edge. The program aims to enhance the value of primary agricultural products, reduce post-harvest losses, and strengthen linkages with local farmers, providing training and financial support. Crucially, this initiative is anchored by private-sector investments, aligning with the AfDB’s approach to development through public-private partnerships.

Additionally, Jitender Sachdeva, President of the Skipper Group, confirmed plans with Governor Mbah to construct a green special agro-allied industry zone in Enugu State. This project, aligning with the AfDB’s program, is set to bolster infrastructure and facilitate ease of doing business in the state. It promises to deliver self-sustained green electricity for factories operating within the zone, marking a significant step towards sustainable industrial development.

Governor Mbah expressed enthusiasm over the AfDB’s selection of Enugu State for the second phase of the SAPZ project. He underscored the state’s readiness and commitment to this initiative, citing significant investments already made in the sector. The governor assured the AfDB of the state’s preparedness, with all prerequisite documentation, environmental and social impact assessments, land allocation for the SAPZ (over 1,000 hectares close to the city), and feasibility studies completed.

This partnership between the AfDB and Enugu State Government represents a strategic approach to regional development, focusing on agricultural value addition, infrastructural improvement, and sustainable energy solutions. It is anticipated to significantly boost the state’s economic landscape, leveraging agriculture as a key driver of growth and sustainable development. The initiative aligns with the broader goals of the AfDB in fostering economic growth and regional integration in Africa through targeted investments in critical sectors.

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