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Wema Bank Sparks Joy with 2024 Love Adventure

Dive into a Month of Rewards - Your Love Story with ALAT Awaits

by Oluwatosin Racheal Alabi

In its bid to foster a culture of love and appreciation, Wema Bank has rolled out its 2024 Love Adventure campaign, promising customers and staff a series of rewards and cash prizes throughout February. The campaign, themed ‘Your Love Adventure Is Possible With ALAT,’ aims to empower customers with resources and opportunities while enriching their banking experiences through the digital platform, ALAT.

From substantial cash prizes to enticing discounts and freebies, Wema Bank’s Love Adventure campaign is designed to spread joy and gratitude among its clientele. Customers stand a chance to win a whopping N9,000,000 cash prize in the Wema Bank 5 for 5 Promo Season 3, along with a 10% discount on all GAC cars. Additionally, ALAT users can enjoy free prepaid gift cards worth N10,000, exclusive car and device loans, including a generous N100,000 off Samsung S24 Series device purchases on ALAT, and complimentary airtime and data for transactions made on ALAT and *945#. Furthermore, customers can indulge in free Dakore skincare products and avail themselves of discounts at partner restaurants through ALAT rewards.

Speaking on the inspiration behind the campaign, Wema Bank’s Executive Director of Retail and Digital Business, Tunde Mabawonku, emphasized the bank’s commitment to delivering exceptional banking services and supporting all stakeholders. He expressed excitement about the unique twist the Love Adventure campaign brings to Valentine’s Day celebrations, urging customers to seize the opportunity to partake in the festivities.

The Love Adventure campaign is not limited to customers alone; Wema Bank employees are also set to benefit from a range of engaging activities and opportunities aimed at reinforcing the bank’s positive work culture. With the campaign slated to run throughout February 2024, Wema Bank aims to create unforgettable experiences for both customers and staff, making this love season one to remember.

As the Love Adventure unfolds, customers are encouraged to download the ALAT app to access the array of discounts and financial rewards awaiting them. Additionally, staying updated on Wema Bank’s social media channels will ensure they don’t miss out on any exciting developments throughout the month.

With its 2024 Love Adventure campaign, Wema Bank is poised to spread love, appreciation, and joy, fostering stronger bonds with its valued customers and dedicated staff.

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