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How Nigeria Plans to Distribute Food Amid Hardship

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by Motoni Olodun

Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation, is facing a food crisis that has been worsened by the economic downturn, insecurity, and climate change. The government has announced a plan to use the National Identification Number (NIN) to distribute food to the most vulnerable citizens.

The NIN Is a unique 11-digit number that is linked to a person’s biometric data and serves as a proof of identity. The government has made it mandatory for all Nigerians to enroll for the NIN and link it to their phone numbers, bank accounts, and other services.

According to the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS), the NIN will be used to identify and verify the beneficiaries of the food distribution program, which aims to alleviate the hardship caused by the rising cost of living and food insecurity.

The NCS said It has seized over 189,000 bags of rice, 10,000 bags of sugar, 2,000 cartons of spaghetti, and other items from smugglers and would distribute them to the needy. The NCS also said It has partnered with the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) to ensure that the NIN is used to prevent fraud and duplication.

The NIN enrollment has been met with mixed reactions from Nigerians, some of whom have complained about the long queues, extortion, and technical glitches at the registration centers. Some have also expressed concerns about the privacy and security of their personal data.

However, the government has assured Nigerians that the NIN is a vital tool for national development and social welfare. It said the NIN will help to improve service delivery, enhance security, and promote financial inclusion.

The food distribution program is expected to start soon and reach millions of Nigerians who are struggling to feed themselves and their families. The government has also pledged to invest more in agriculture, infrastructure, and social protection to address the root causes of the food crisis and ensure food security for all.


Source: The Tribune Online

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