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Kaduna Kidnapping: Bandits Demand N40 Trillion Ransom

Unprecedented Ransom Request Shocks Gonin Gora Community

by Adenike Adeodun

In a harrowing development from the Gonin Gora area of Kaduna, bandits have made an unprecedented demand of N40 trillion for the release of 16 individuals they kidnapped. This staggering sum, highlighted by community leader John Yusuf, is accompanied by an additional request for 11 Hilux vans and 150 motorcycles, placing an immense burden on the victims’ families and the community at large. The audacious demand was made following the tragic events of February 28, 2024, when bandits launched an attack on Anguwan Auta in Gonin Gora, resulting in the death of two residents and the abduction of several others.

The community’s response to this crisis was immediate and palpable, as residents took to the Kaduna-Abuja highway on February 29, blocking it for hours to protest against the violence and abductions that have plagued their area. The roadblock served as a desperate plea for security intervention and a call to action against the banditry that has terrorized their community.

John Yusuf’s account of the bandits’ demands paints a grim picture of the situation faced by the Gonin Gora community. “The bandits have contacted us. They are demanding N40 trillion, 11 Hilux vans, and 150 motorcycles for the release of the 16 people they are holding captive,” he revealed. The enormity of the ransom, far beyond the community’s financial capabilities, underscores the dire situation. Yusuf lamented, “Where are we going to get this kind of money? Even if we sell the entire community, we cannot raise N40 trillion. Even Nigeria as a country has never made a budget of N40 trillion.”

The frequency of kidnappings in the region, with another incident occurring within a four-day interval of the first, highlights the precarious security situation in Birnin Gwari and surrounding areas. These communities, encircled by bushlands that serve as havens for bandits, are in desperate need of a more permanent solution to their security woes. Yusuf advocated for the establishment of a military base in the area as a potential deterrent to criminal activities, suggesting that a more pronounced security presence could mitigate the threat posed by bandits.

The situation in Gonin Gora and the broader Kaduna region reflects a complex web of challenges, including economic distress, insecurity, and the dire need for enhanced law enforcement and military intervention. The community’s plea for help resonates beyond their immediate locality, drawing attention to the urgent need for comprehensive strategies to combat banditry and ensure the safety and well-being of citizens in affected areas across Nigeria.

Source: The Guardian

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