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Lagos APC Struggles: Calls for Fair Primaries Amidst Internal Turmoil

Intrigue and Factional Battles Prompt Outcry for Transparent Candidate Selection.

by Adenike Adeodun


  • Lagos APC stakeholders demand fair primaries, as party members accuse certain leaders of favouritism in appointments and candidate selection processes.
  • There are allegations of GAC (Governor’s Advisory Council) members monopolizing appointments for family members and cronies, leading to internal conflicts and dissatisfaction among party members.
  • Concerned members are calling for President Tinubu’s intervention to address internal hostility and resolve issues threatening the party’s unity and electoral prospects, especially in the upcoming local council elections.

As the Lagos State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) braces for the upcoming council elections, internal discord looms large, casting shadows over the party’s unity and electoral prospects. The simmering tensions within the party have reached a critical juncture, prompting calls for urgent intervention to salvage its cohesion and electoral viability.

The genesis of the current turmoil traces back to the aftermath of the 2023 general election, where the Lagos APC faced significant setbacks, including unexpected losses to opposition parties. Disillusionment among party members soared as the dust settled, exposing deep-seated fissures within the party’s ranks. Allegations of impropriety and favouritism in candidate selection processes surfaced, with aggrieved members pointing fingers at certain leaders, notably members of the Governor’s Advisory Council (GAC), for monopolizing appointments for their kin and allies.

Against this backdrop, stakeholders within the Lagos APC are rallying behind a unified call for fair primaries. They argue that without transparent and equitable candidate selection processes, the party risks further erosion of trust and support among its base. The demand for fair primaries underscores the urgency of addressing internal grievances and restoring confidence among disillusioned members.

Central to the efforts to quell internal strife is the expectation of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s intervention. As the de facto leader of the party, Tinubu’s wisdom and leadership are seen as crucial in navigating the choppy waters of internal dissent. During his recent visit to Lagos for the Eid-el-Fitri celebration, party members hoped that Tinubu would seize the opportunity to convene a stakeholders’ meeting, where grievances could be aired and lasting solutions crafted.

However, the challenges facing the Lagos APC extend beyond mere internal discord. The resurgence of factional groups within the party, such as the Justice Forum and Mandate Group, has further complicated efforts to forge unity. While these groups purportedly aim to advance the interests of party members, concerns linger about their underlying motives and potential to exacerbate existing divisions.

Moreover, discontentment persists over the appointment of technocrats who lack allegiance to the party. The rejection of certain commissioner-nominees by the State Assembly, ostensibly due to their perceived detachment from party ideology, has reignited debates about the criteria for political appointments. Many party members argue that appointments should reward loyalty and commitment to the party’s goals, rather than technical expertise alone.

The implications of the internal strife within the Lagos APC extend beyond party politics, reverberating into governance itself. Some members lament that the dominance of certain leaders and elders has stifled the effectiveness of local councils, turning them into fiefdoms beholden to their whims. Allegations of nepotism and cronyism in contract awards further tarnish the party’s image, eroding public trust in its ability to govern effectively.

As the countdown to the council elections begins, the Lagos APC finds itself at a crossroads. The outcome of these elections will not only shape the party’s future trajectory but also have far-reaching implications for governance in the state. The stakes are high, and the challenges daunting, but there remains a glimmer of hope that with concerted efforts and decisive leadership, the party can overcome its internal divisions and emerge stronger than before.

In the coming days, all eyes will be on President Tinubu and other party leaders as they navigate the treacherous waters of internal strife. Their ability to foster unity, address grievances, and chart a course forward will determine the Lagos APC’s fate in the looming electoral battle. The road ahead may be fraught with obstacles, but with political will and a commitment to party unity, the Lagos APC can reclaim its position as the vanguard of progressive politics in Nigeria’s most populous state.


Source: The Guardian

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