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EFCC Targets Celebrities in Naira Abuse Probe

Economic and Financial Crimes Commission Intensifies Investigation Into Naira Abuse

by Ikeoluwa Juliana Ogungbangbe

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has intensified its investigation into alleged cases of Naira abuse involving multiple celebrities, as disclosed by EFCC spokesperson Dele Oyewale.

Oyewale revealed that the commission has summoned numerous celebrities for interrogation, during which valuable information has been provided. The EFCC emphasized its awareness of viral videos circulating online, depicting individuals engaging in acts of Naira abuse. It commended the public for their vigilance in safeguarding the sanctity of the national currency, signaling a collective effort in combating financial misconduct.

In a statement, the EFCC expressed gratitude for the public’s awakening and support in tackling issues related to Naira abuse and dollarization of the economy. The statement read, “Increasingly, members of the public are drawing the attention of the Commission to video recordings of Naira abuse by Nigerians from all walks of life. These gestures demonstrate rising consciousness of the public to the sanctity of our national currency and the need for collaborative engagement to sustain the tempo.”

The Commission affirmed its commitment to investigating and prosecuting individuals involved in Naira abuse. While acknowledging the resurfacing of old videos depicting such infractions, the EFCC clarified that its Special Task Force against Naira Abuse and Dollarization of the economy commenced operations on February 7, 2024. Moving forward, new videos of Naira abuse will be thoroughly investigated and prosecuted.

Currently, the EFCC is actively investigating several celebrities implicated in Naira abuse. Many of them have provided useful statements, and more have been invited for questioning by investigators. The EFCC reiterated its uncompromising stance on law enforcement, stating, “The EFCC will not relent in its no-sacred-cow mode of operations, and the public should be wary of running afoul of laws against the crime.”

The statement comes following the recent arrest of crossdresser Bobrisky by the Commission in Lagos for alleged involvement in Naira abuse, highlighting the EFCC’s ongoing efforts to combat financial crimes and uphold the integrity of the Nigerian currency.

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