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Peter Obi Initiates Political Merger Discussions Ahead of 2027 Elections

Strategic Meetings with Atiku Raise Speculations, Prompt APC Critique

by Adenike Adeodun

As Nigeria approaches the first anniversary of President Bola Tinubu’s administration, political maneuvers already hint at the complexities of the upcoming 2027 elections, highlighting potential pivotal shifts within the All Progressives Congress (APC) and beyond.

Last week, former Vice President, Atiku and 2023 Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate Peter Obi met with key political figures, sparking rumors of a potential merger that could threaten the APC’s stronghold, particularly in the Southeast. Obi’s discussions with former Vice President and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate Atiku Abubakar, as well as with other prominent leaders like former Jigawa State Governor Sule Lamido and former Senate President Bukola Saraki, have set political tongues wagging across the nation.

Following these high-profile meetings, Obi made a notable visit to the LP national secretariat in Abuja, where he was received warmly by supporters and party officials, including LP National Chairman Julius Abure. Amidst cheers from the crowd, both leaders addressed the party, denying any rumors of internal division and calling for unity and focus on the nation’s pressing issues rather than electoral politics.

Peter Obi emphasized the importance of prioritizing Nigeria’s economic and social challenges over electoral ambitions. “Our current interest is about Nigeria’s survival, not elections,” Obi stated, underscoring the immediate need to address the hardships faced by ordinary Nigerians.

However, the APC has responded to these developments with skepticism and criticism. In a statement by APC National Publicity Secretary Felix Morka, the party labeled Obi and Atiku’s actions as driven by a “mutual desperation to be president” and a disregard for the current administration’s efforts. The APC dismissed the potential alliance, suggesting that both figures are merely seeking convenient political platforms without a genuine commitment to resolving the country’s issues.

Amid these political stirrings, APC National Chairman Dr. Abdullahi Ganduje spoke at a policy roundtable in Abuja, asserting that the party is actively preparing for the 2027 elections by aiming to strengthen its grassroots connections and secure new leadership positions across the states.

Simultaneously, concerns about the nation’s direction under President Tinubu’s leadership are growing. The Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF), meeting in Kaduna, expressed deep concerns about the increasing hardships facing Nigerians, calling on the government to take decisive action to alleviate the populace’s suffering and to enhance the country’s unity and stability.

Moreover, Salihu Lukman, former APC National Vice Chairman Northwest, voiced significant criticisms of the Tinubu administration in a candid piece. Lukman accused the administration of failing to meet the people’s expectations, pointing out ongoing national issues like insecurity, inflation, and unemployment that continue to plague the country. He criticized the administration for not adhering to its party’s principles and for alienating loyal party members in favor of new political allies.

This period of pre-election activity signals a critical time for Nigeria, as leaders and parties position themselves in anticipation of the 2027 elections. The political landscape is marked by a mix of strategic realignments, public criticisms of the current administration, and a clear call from the populace for effective governance that addresses their immediate needs.

As Nigeria continues on this turbulent political path, the actions and decisions of its leaders will not only shape the forthcoming elections but will also have lasting impacts on the nation’s future. The unfolding political drama will undoubtedly keep both the political elite and the citizens on their toes as they navigate these complex times.


Source: The Guardian

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