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Poor Roads, Insecurity Reduce Patient Numbers at ABUAD Hospital

Transportation Issues and Safety Concerns Impact Healthcare Access

by Adenike Adeodun

The management of Afe Babalola University Multi-System Hospital (AMSH) in Ado Ekiti is concerned about low patient numbers. Poor roads, insecurity, and the lack of a functional airport are the primary reasons for this decline.

On Wednesday, AMSH unveiled several health initiatives. These include discounted surgeries for goitre and hernia patients, free antenatal services for pregnant women, and free treatment for children under five. However, Chief Medical Director Dr. Kolawole Ogundipe highlighted the ongoing challenges that hinder the hospital’s operations.

According to Dr. Ogundipe, the quality of healthcare at AMSH is rival to that available overseas. However, poor infrastructure and security issues have significantly reduced patient patronage. He emphasized that the absence of a functional airport in Ekiti State is a major obstacle. “A number of persons who would have loved to be here if there was a functional airport in Ekiti State can’t come,” Ogundipe noted.

Patients currently rely on the nearest airport in Akure, which presents its own set of challenges. The road from Akure to Ekiti is in poor condition and poses security risks. “There is none of us who want to go to Akure now that won’t first pray before we embark on the journey,” Ogundipe added, highlighting the anxiety associated with traveling to the hospital.

Dr. Ogundipe also discussed the economic barriers that prevent patients from accessing healthcare at AMSH. “Our earnings now cannot even take us home, not to talk of taking us to the hospital and taking us back,” he stated. Many patients who would like to seek treatment at AMSH cannot afford it due to the lack of funds.

The situation is exacerbated by inadequate health insurance coverage. Ogundipe questioned the effectiveness of the current health insurance system, asking, “What has happened to health insurance, and has the government been able to provide health insurance for all the populace so that people do not have to take money out of pocket?”

Despite the challenges, there is hope for improvement. The government has plans to enhance infrastructure, which could significantly impact healthcare access. If Ekiti had a functional airport, it would alleviate many of the current issues. Better road conditions and improved security are also crucial for increasing patient numbers at AMSH.

Dr. Ogundipe remains optimistic. “We hope that we can also rise together and resolve these challenges,” he said. The hospital’s management is committed to providing high-quality healthcare and is looking forward to a time when infrastructure and security issues are resolved.

In summary, while AMSH offers excellent healthcare services, infrastructure, and security challenges are significant barriers to access. The hospital continues to push for improvements that will allow more patients to benefit from its services.



Source: The Guardian

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