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British Man Sues Apple for £5 Million After Deleted Messages Lead to Divorce

Man Sues Apple, Blaming Unclear Messaging System for Exposed Infidelity and Subsequent Divorce

by Victor Adetimilehin

A British businessman is embroiled in a legal battle with Apple, suing the tech giant for £5 million. The lawsuit stems from a messy divorce, which the man claims was triggered by Apple’s unclear messaging system.

Incriminating Messages Resurface on Family Computer

The unnamed middle-aged man from England reportedly used his iPhone to contact sex workers through iMessage. Believing that deleting the messages would permanently erase them, he continued these communications. However, his wife later discovered the incriminating messages on the family’s iMac computer, exposing years of infidelity.

The crux of the lawsuit lies in Apple’s messaging system and its handling of deleted messages. The man argues that Apple’s system is misleading. When users delete messages, they are presented with the impression that the messages are gone forever. However, in this case, deleting the messages on the iPhone did not erase them entirely. The messages remained accessible on other Apple devices linked to the same account, including the family iMac computer.

“If you are told a message is deleted, you are entitled to believe it’s deleted,” the man told The Times in a recent interview. “It’s all quite painful… It was a very brutal way for my wife to find out.”

The man contends that if his wife hadn’t stumbled upon the messages in such a way, their marriage might have been salvageable. He blames Apple for not clearly informing users that deleted messages can still be retrieved on other Apple devices synced to the same account.

Lawsuit Seeks Compensation for Divorce Costs

The businessman is suing Apple for more than £5 million. This sum is intended to compensate him for the financial losses incurred during the divorce proceedings, including legal fees. His lawyer, Simon Walton of Rosenblatt Law Firm in London, argues that Apple has misled users about the fate of deleted messages.

“Apple has not been transparent with users about what happens to the messages they send and receive, and importantly, delete,” Walton said in a statement. “These messages are still retrievable on other linked devices, something Apple doesn’t tell its users.”

Walton further stated his interest in hearing from other Apple customers who have faced similar issues with message deletion and unintended data recovery.

Cloud Storage Convenience with Hidden Risks

This lawsuit sheds light on the potential drawbacks of cloud storage and device syncing. While these features offer undeniable benefits like convenience and data backup, they can also lead to unforeseen consequences if users are unaware of how data is stored and accessed across different devices.

For instance, users might mistakenly believe that deleting a message on one device removes it from all devices. This can be particularly problematic in situations where multiple devices share the same account and cloud storage.

Apple has not yet issued a public response to the lawsuit. The company is likely to carefully assess the claims made by the man and his legal team before formulating a response. The outcome of this case could have wider implications for user privacy and data management within Apple’s ecosystem.

Source: Punch

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