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Katsina State Removes District Head Following Unauthorized Marriage Approval Involving HIV-Positive Individual

by Adenike Adeodun

In a decisive move signaling its commitment to the rule of law, the Katsina State Government has mandated the immediate retirement of Alhaji Abubakar Abdullahi Ahmadu, the revered Sarkin Kurayen Katsina and District Head of Kuraye.

This significant step came in the wake of allegations concerning the violation of established legal procedures during the sanctioning of marriages.

Abdullahi Aliyu Yar’Daua, the Director of Press from the Office of the Secretary to the Katsina State Government, relayed the decision through an official press release.

According to a report by the Daily Post, the authorities rigorously investigated a petition that accused the District Head of approving a marriage without the essential medical certificates.

This oversight became gravely concerning when it was revealed that one party in the marriage was HIV positive.

The state government’s statement declared: “Based on the Katsina Emirate Council’s conclusions and a reviewed petition, the state government has decided to retire Sarkin Kurayen Katsina, District Head of Kuraye, Alhaji Abubakar Abdullahi Ahmadu.

This decision stems from his failure to ensure the provision of legally mandated medical certifications, especially given the significant health risk posed with one participant being HIV positive.”

This incident underlines Katsina State’s unwavering resolve to prioritize the welfare of its residents. It serves as a reminder about the significance of strictly observing established guidelines and legal mandates, especially when public figures are at the center of such sensitive issues.

With the emphasis on upholding the sanctity of marriage contracts and safeguarding public health, the Katsina State Government’s decision reiterates the message that no individual, regardless of their standing or position, is above the law.

The state’s quick response to the allegations also sends a clear message about the importance of transparency and the consequences of neglecting one’s duties.

As Katsina moves forward, the episode underscores the need for all high-ranking officials to approach their responsibilities with the utmost diligence, particularly when public health and individual lives are at stake.


Source: Daily Post

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