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Fake Doctor Steals Woman’s Kidney in Jos, Nigeria

by Victor Adetimilehin

A woman in Jos, Nigeria, has been living with only one kidney for five years without her knowledge or consent, after a fake doctor allegedly removed her organ during a surgery for appendicitis. The shocking truth was revealed when she visited another hospital for a second opinion, after suffering from chronic abdominal pain and spending a lot of money on drugs prescribed by the fake doctor.

The victim, a 45-year-old mother of four, identified as Mrs Kamaru Busari, told PUNCH that she was operated on by Dr Noah Kekere, the owner of Murna Clinic and Hospital, in January 2018. She said she was charged N160,000 for the surgery, which she paid in instalments. She said she was unaware that her right kidney had been harvested by the fake doctor, who also asked her to drink swan water every morning for four months.

She said she continued to experience pain on the right side of her abdomen, and decided to seek another medical opinion at the Jos University Teaching Hospital. There, she was told that she had no right kidney, and that it had been removed. She confronted the fake doctor, who denied any wrongdoing and claimed that she was born with one kidney. He suggested that they conduct a CT scan at another hospital, which he recommended.

However, the scan confirmed that the victim’s kidney had been removed, and the staff at the hospital alerted the police. The fake doctor was arrested and taken to the Nasarawa Police Station, where he allegedly offered a bribe of N20 million to the victim’s husband to drop the case. The husband, Mr Busari Kamaru, a car repairer, refused the bribe and demanded justice for his wife.

He said he was shocked and devastated by the discovery, and appealed for help to save his wife’s life. He said he needed money to take her to a teaching hospital for proper treatment, and possibly a kidney transplant. He said he had been spending money on his wife’s health for the past five years, and did not know how to cope with the situation.

The Plateau State Police Command confirmed the arrest of the fake doctor and two others, and said they were investigating the case. The police spokesperson, Mr Alfred Alabo, said the fake doctor had no medical qualification or licence, and had been operating illegally for 18 years. He said the suspect had also displayed signs of mental instability in custody, and had been taken to a mental facility for treatment.

The Nigeria Medical Association Plateau Chapter also condemned the act, and said the fake doctor was not a member of the association or the medical profession. The chapter chairman, Dr Innocent Emmanuel, said the association was collaborating with the police and other relevant agencies to ensure that justice was done.

The case has sparked outrage and shock in the community, where the fake doctor was popular and respected for his kindness and hospitality. Many residents said they had patronised his hospital for various ailments, and did not suspect any foul play. Some said they had lost their relatives after undergoing surgery at the hospital, and wondered if their organs had also been harvested.

The case has also raised concerns about the prevalence and dangers of quackery in the health sector, and the need for more regulation and enforcement of standards. The lawmaker representing the community at the State House of Assembly, Mr Ibrahim Baba Hassan, said he had presented the case during a plenary session, and called for urgent action to address the issue.

The victim’s family said they were hopeful that their wife and mother would recover and get justice. They thanked the police and the media for their support and intervention, and appealed for more assistance from the public and the government.

Source: PUNCH

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