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Nigerian Youths Trapped in Burkina Faso by Human Traffickers

by Victor Adetimilehin

A human trafficking network has been exposed in Burkina Faso, where Nigerian youths are lured with false promises of gold mine jobs and end up stranded and exploited. A social media influencer and youth activist from Ondo State, Oluyemi Fasipe, revealed the scheme after receiving voice notes, videos, and pictures from some of the victims.

The traffickers, who operate under the name of Qnet, claim to offer lucrative work opportunities in gold mining companies, such as Semafo Gold or Horizon Gold. However, when the youths arrive in Burkina Faso, they find out that there is no such job and they have to pay almost one million naira in Cefa equivalent (about £1,300) for documentation and work permit. The victims are then coerced to join the trafficking network and recruit two other people from Nigeria to keep the chain going.

One of the victims, who identified himself as Reggae, said he was from Ado-Ekiti and had left his wife and three children to pursue the opportunity. He also said he narrowly escaped a terrorist attack on his way to Burkina Faso and regretted that he borrowed money for the trip.

Fasipe shared the testimonies and the appalling living conditions of the victims on his social media platforms. He said that even university undergraduates from Ifedore Local Government of Ondo State were dropping out of school to embark on the wild goose chase to Burkina Faso. He called on the relevant government agencies, such as Ondo State Government, NAPTIP, NIDCOM, NIS and the Nigeria Police, to intervene and prevent more unsuspecting Nigerian youths from falling prey to human trafficking in Burkina Faso.

He also urged the Nigerian youths to be wary of such fraudulent schemes and to seek legitimate and sustainable ways of earning a living. He said that there is hope for Nigeria and its young generation if they work hard and stay focused.

Source: Vanguard

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