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Kwara’s Vision: Becoming a Creative Industry Epicenter

by Oluwatosin Racheal Alabi

With a nod to history and a vision for the future, Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq unveils Kwara State’s newly-developed sugar film factory. This initiative symbolizes the administration’s commitment to job creation, youth development, and enhancing living standards.

Setting the Stage for West African Creativity

The facility, named after the iconic Tate and Lyle Sugar Factory of the past, aims to make Kwara a beacon in West Africa’s film and creative sectors. Furthermore, this venture is one of several projects backed by a bond secured by the state in 2021.

Elevating Nollywood to New Heights

During a recent press interaction, AbdulRazaq underscored Nollywood’s expanding global footprint. However, he emphasized the urgent need to raise production quality. He remarked, “Our significant investment in this domain is to broaden Kwara’s economic horizons.”

Emphasizing Quality and Global Presence

Highlighting the evolution of Nigeria’s influential music scene and Nollywood’s ascent, AbdulRazaq stressed transitioning to high-end cinematography. “We have rich narratives,” he stated. “Yet, the focus now is on amplifying our production caliber.”

Facility Features: A Glimpse into the Future

Impressed with the ongoing work, the governor anticipates a fully operational facility soon. It boasts cutting-edge equipment, advanced sound stages, and studios. It’s a space with a cyclorama studio, specialized production studios, Green Rooms, makeup facilities, and so much more. Moreover, this film factory aligns perfectly with Kwara’s other forward-thinking initiatives.

Conclusion: Kwara’s Bright Future in Film and Creativity

In essence, Kwara State is emerging as a powerhouse in creative endeavors. With projects like the sugar film factory, the region promises a future where creativity, innovation, and youthful enterprise thrive.

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