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Demand End to Brutality, Discrimination in Nigeria 

by Victor Adetimilehin

People with disabilities (PWDs) in Nigeria have called on the government at all levels to address the alleged brutality and discrimination they face from government agencies and individuals.

They made the call at a one-day summit in Lagos, titled “Security Formations and Justice Providers on The Effect of Shrinking Civic Space on PWDs”. The summit brought together members of PWDs, civil society organizations (CSOs), representatives of justice providers in Lagos State, and the media.

The chairman of the Nigerian Association of the Blind, Lukman Afolariwan Salami, said that PWDs in the country suffer from discrimination, non-acceptance, and non-recognition, even when they try to prove to the society that there is ability in disability.

He condemned the alleged brutality against PWDs across the nation, saying that such actions deter them from having an equal sense of belonging to the society.

He called for reorientation as a remedial approach, while seeking for inclusiveness and active participation of PWDs in both public and private sectors as enshrined in the law.

The program assistant for Citizens with Disabilities (CCD), Tosin Aniramu, attributed the major causes of disabilities in Nigeria to poor health care facilities, poor road infrastructures, which may result in accidents, violence, riots, war, among others.

She urged the government to provide solutions by establishing standard health facilities, good road infrastructures, adequate securities, job opportunities, political integration, accessibility to building structures, commercial buses, airport, seaport and railway facilities, among others.

Representatives of the Nigerian Police Force (NPF) at the summit said they had established a special desk to attend to the needs of PWDs.

They added that PWDs and the general public can reach the Lagos State Disability Desk through the following telephone numbers: “09136466663 or 09048689094”. The summit was organized by CCD in collaboration with ActionAid Nigeria and Global Rights. It was part of a project aimed at promoting the rights and inclusion of PWDs in Nigeria.

According to CCD, there are about 25 million PWDs in Nigeria, who face various forms of discrimination and exclusion from social and economic opportunities. The project seeks to empower PWDs to advocate for their rights and access to justice, as well as to sensitize security agencies and justice providers on the challenges and needs of PWDs.

The organizers expressed hope that the summit would foster a better understanding and collaboration between PWDs and security formations and justice providers in Lagos State and beyond.

Source: [The Guardian]

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