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Labour Warns of Strike Over Delayed MOU Implementation

by Victor Adetimilehin

Organized labor is expressing growing frustration with the sluggish progress in implementing the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) it signed with the Federal Government. The delay has raised the specter of a nationwide strike. State chapters of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress (TUC) are concerned that the failure to implement the agreement before the October 30 deadline may force them to take industrial action. Mobilization efforts are already underway across the country.


Benson Upah, Head of Information and Public Affairs for the NLC, expressed dissatisfaction with the pace of MoU implementation. He emphasized the need for the government to expedite the process, citing concerns with the Minister of Labour and Employment.


The national NLC and TUC leadership reached an agreement with the Federal Government on October 1. The agreement stipulated a wage increase to N35,000 for federal workers, with retrospective effect from September. It also encouraged states to extend the same benefit to their employees. In return, the unions postponed a nationwide strike that was initially set for October 3, conditional on the government implementing the wage award and other resolutions within 30 days of the MoU signing.


However, out of the 15 demands listed in the MoU, only a few have been implemented. These include the order for the payment of the N35,000 wage award, the provision for 55,000 Compressed Natural Gas conversion kits, and the commencement of work on state-of-the-art CNG stations nationwide. State unions like the Ogun State TUC have warned that they may initiate industrial action after the October 30 deadline if the federal and state governments do not fulfill the terms of the MoU.


In response to the potential strike, Akeem Lasisi, Chairman of the Ogun State TUC, indicated that their decision would be based on consultations and a review of the government’s progress in fulfilling the agreement. Hameed Ademola, the NLC counterpart in Ogun State, stressed that they would comply with any directive from the national leadership if the government failed to meet labor demands.


The unions in Kano State are awaiting the implementation of the wage award by the Federal Government before taking any further action. The same sentiment was echoed by other state chapters, emphasizing their readiness to comply with directives from their national leadership.


Ibrahim Fika, the General Secretary of the NLC in Gombe State, outlined their demands, which include biometric attendance, clearing of outstanding 2019 minimum wage for local government staff, palliatives, and the N35,000 award across the board. He warned that non-compliance by the state government could lead to industrial action.


The delay in implementing the MoU has raised concerns, particularly among state unions. While unions are prepared to take action, if necessary, they are awaiting directives from their national leaders. The situation remains fluid, and negotiations are ongoing to address the demands of organized labor.


Source: [Punch]


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