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Life Imprisonment Proposed for Kidnapping in Nigeria

by Oluwatosin Racheal Alabi

The House of Representatives is advocating life imprisonment, without the option of a fine, for individuals convicted of kidnapping and hostage-taking. The death penalty will be applied if the act results in a victim’s death, according to [a report by The Sun](https://www.thesun.co.uk/).

Furthermore, property owners knowingly facilitating kidnappings by allowing their premises to be used will also face life imprisonment. Their property will be seized by the Federal Government.

Francis Waive, a member representing Ugheli North/Ugheli South/Idu Federal Constituency of Delta, sponsors these measures. His bill, titled “Bill for an act to prohibit kidnapping, hostage taking, and related offenses,” has passed the first reading. A second reading, discussing its general principles, is forthcoming.

Other provisions in the bill include:

– 25 years imprisonment for individuals threatening kidnapping via communication means such as emails, SMS, or phone calls.

– Bank staff sharing a customer’s financial details with kidnappers will face life imprisonment. The same penalty applies to those aware of a kidnap plot but fail to notify the police.

– Security agencies will have the authority to enter any property suspected of kidnapping involvement without a warrant.

– Life imprisonment without the option of a fine for any person kidnapping under Section (3) of this Act.

– Life imprisonment for anyone compromising, settling, or refusing testimony in court about the offenses mentioned in Section (3).

The legislation also enables security agencies, upon a court order, to request confidential information from telecommunication firms suspected in kidnapping plots. Telecommunication companies failing to comply within 48 hours face a N20 million fine.

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