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Labour Party’s Datti Challenges Supreme Court Ruling

by Oluwatosin Racheal Alabi

In a striking declaration, Labour Party Vice Presidential candidate Dr. Yusuf Dattu Baba-Ahmed contested the Supreme Court’s recent decision on President Bola Tinubu’s victory. During a broadcast on Monday, Baba-Ahmed asserted that the court did not endorse Tinubu’s presidency but instead upheld what he termed lower courts’ “illegality.”

Baba-Ahmed, undeterred in his stance, voiced his determination to challenge Tinubu, whom he criticized sharply. “The Supreme Court validated the lower courts’ actions, not Tinubu’s presidency. While I respect him for his seniority, I won’t shy away from denouncing his past actions,” he said.

The vice-presidential hopeful further alleged electoral misconduct. He claimed his adversaries resorted to fraud when Labour Party showed signs of winning the 2023 elections. Baba-Ahmed expressed confidence in the Nigerian people’s power to reclaim their democracy, emphasizing that the nation’s fate rests in their hands, not in the judiciary’s current form.

Additionally, addressing rumors about his brother’s political alignment, Baba-Ahmed remained focused on contesting the government. He dismissed the relevance of his brother Dr. Hakeem’s political affiliations or appointments under Tinubu’s administration.

Baba-Ahmed’s comments underscore a deep-seated contention with the electoral process and the subsequent judicial rulings. His remarks have set the stage for a continued political dialogue on the legitimacy of the electoral outcome.

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