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Peter Obi Challenges Supreme Court’s Election Ruling

by Oluwatosin Racheal Alabi

Labour Party presidential candidate Peter Obi condemned the Supreme Court’s ruling on the 2023 election, labeling it a grave betrayal of Nigerian democracy.

At a press conference, Obi argued that the apex court shunned public opinion and its duty to uphold the law. The former Anambra State governor criticized the ruling as ignoring blatant evidence of election fraud and INEC’s incompetence.

Obi affirmed, despite the Supreme Court being the final legal recourse, the fight for a better Nigeria continues. He emphasized that the ruling overlooked serious allegations and constitutional breaches regarding candidate qualifications.

The Supreme Court’s verdict carries a moral burden, shifting from the courtroom to the national conscience, said Obi. He expressed strong disagreement with both the Presidential Election Petition Court and the Supreme Court’s handling of the February 25 election results.

The Labour Party and its candidates, having exhausted all legal avenues, now focus on the broader mission for Nigeria, which transcends the courtroom. Obi pledged to continue advocating for a new Nigeria, with reforms in governance and a focus on production-driven economy.

Obi’s commitment to democracy remains firm as he takes on the role of a robust opposition, promising to uphold the party’s values and manifesto. He concluded by underscoring the need for strong political opposition in Nigeria’s current climate, advocating for policies focused on national interest and unity.

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