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APC Introduces New Rivers State Executives in a Tactical Move

APC Rivers State: A New Beginning for Nigerian Politics

by Victor Adetimilehin

A major political development saw the All-Progressives Congress inaugurate a new caretaker committee in its Rivers State chapter as it continues to strengthen its foothold in the region. The ceremony, chaired by APC National Chairman Dr. Abdullahi Ganduje, took place at the party’s headquarters in Abuja and signalled a fresh start to party operations in Rivers state.

The appointment of a new committee is conducted after the dissolution of state executives, perceived by the ruling party’s NWC to be a strategic realignment. With this in mind, the party aims to reform its leadership to pave the way for key state congresses.

It is worth noting that the committee has a chairman in Chief Tony Okocha who is a strong ally of prominent political figure Nyеsom Wikе. Perceiving this inclusion as a strategic move of the APC to reduce divides in the state and generate wider support for it. Okocha is also joined by Eric Nwibani, who was appointed Secretary, alongside other key figures like Chibuike Ikenga, Prince Stefan Abola, Sylvester Idin, Senibo Karibi Dan Jumbo and Miss Darling Amadi.

During his address, Ganduje reiterated the role played by the caretaker committee in resolving party factions and preparing for the national congress. According to a report by Punch, he stressed on the need for a common position to ensure victory during future elections and subsequent rule.

This comes at an era when Nigerian politics has witnessed a lot of competition and realignments especially in some crucial states like Rivers. The APC’s move is considered in the broader strategy to unify power and institute a more cohesive party structure.

The election of a new committee is more than just changing of wards. It represents renewed commitment to political stability and progress in Rivers States political landscape. The move by the APC to include diverse characters underscores the relevance of inclusive politics in Nigeria.

Although the party hopes for a better Congress, there exists some caution towards greater unity and effectiveness in tackling the state and national problems.

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