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Nigeria’s Future: Beyond Political Plunder and Economic Stagnation

Dr. John Momoh Addresses Nigeria's Deep-Rooted Challenges at Bowen University

by Oluwatosin Racheal Alabi

Dr. John Momoh recently highlighted Nigeria’s intricate challenges during a speech at Bowen University, emphasizing the nation’s unrealized potential due to political and economic issues. He traced these problems back to the post-colonial period, noting how political struggles, including coups and election tensions, have hindered national progress. A key concern is the self-interest of politicians, who often prioritize personal gain over national interests, leading to slow development and public alienation.

According to a report by the Sun, Momoh pointed out the misuse of public funds at various government levels, contributing to poverty, insecurity, and economic stagnation. He compared Nigeria’s lackluster progress to the rapid development of countries like Singapore, the UAE, and Rwanda, once peers in development. Momoh stressed the need for Nigeria to address centrifugal tensions and ethnic-based politics, which continue to challenge national unity.

In his call for action, Momoh urged politicians to adopt ethical practices and invest in diverse economic sectors like agriculture, technology, and manufacturing. He criticized the oil industry’s corruption and highlighted the need for hope, resilience, and innovation in overcoming Nigeria’s challenges. He inspired the youth to be audacious, drawing parallels with global tech founders, and emphasized Africa’s youth demographic as a critical resource for the continent’s future.

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