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UNESCO’s World Futures Day Spotlights Inclusive Progress in Nigeria

Dr. Osaren Emokpae Highlights Government's Role in Securing Future for Youth and Underprivileged

by Adenike Adeodun

World Futures Day, a UNESCO global initiative, recently took place in Nigeria, focusing on the prospects for youth and the underprivileged. This annual event, occurring on December 2nd, featured a significant lecture titled “The Futures in Focus” at Lagos’ Philips School of Futurology, Security, and Leadership Research.

Dr. Osaren Emokpae, the lead facilitator and Convener emphasized the vital role governments play in forging a brighter future for younger and less privileged citizens. He voiced concerns about the Nigerian government’s failure in policy and resource allocation, especially when compared to other countries. “Investing in technology and fostering inclusiveness is essential for equal access to healthcare, education, and other facilities,” stated Dr. Emokpae.

The event shed light on Nigeria’s self-care challenges, in stark contrast to nations like America and Britain, which put their own needs first. Dr. Emokpae highlighted the irony of Nigeria assisting countries like Niger while grappling with its own issues like inadequate power supply and extensive poverty.

According to a report by Sun News, the discussion also turned to the poverty in Northern Nigeria, blaming regional leaders for their neglect. Dr. Emokpae questioned the sincerity of those in power, critiquing their commitment to religious and ethical values.

The program addressed issues beyond governance, with Dr. Emokpae expressing concern for Nigerian medical professionals who face stress and poor salaries, driving them to seek better opportunities abroad, unlike in countries that value their medical staff highly.

Dr. Emokpae called on individuals and churches to help uplift society. He shared how his church provides food, healthcare, and shelter, underlining the importance of collective efforts for a better future.

Chief Olu Falomo, chairing the event, spoke about the plight of the poor in Nigeria. He called on churches and individuals to step up and support the underprivileged, underscoring the government’s ineffective response to these issues.

The conference also featured lectures on information technology, the future of energy and transport, health, banking, and software engineering development by experts including Engr Devonte Emokpae and Dr. Idris Awwal, among others.

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