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NLC to Tinubu: Stop Playing Politics, Address Nigeria’s Problems

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by Motoni Olodun

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has hit back at President Bola Tinubu, who accused the union of being politically motivated and challenged it to contest in the 2027 elections. The NLC said it was not interested in vying for power, but in fighting for the welfare and security of Nigerians.


The NLC president, Joe Ajaero, said in a statement on Friday that Tinubu’s remarks were out of touch with the realities faced by millions of Nigerians, who are suffering from hunger, poverty, unemployment, and insecurity. He said Tinubu should focus on fulfilling his promises to the people, rather than engaging in political rhetoric and calculations.

Ajaero was reacting to Tinubu’s comments on Thursday, during the inauguration of the Lagos Rail Mass Transit Red Line at Ikeja Station. Tinubu said the NLC had no moral ground to challenge his administration, which had only been in office for nine months. He also said the NLC was not the only voice of Nigerians, and that it should join the electoral process if it wanted to be part of governance.

The NLC president said Tinubu’s statements were disappointing and insensitive, especially coming at a time when the country was facing multiple crises. He said the NLC had been engaging the government since June 2023, over various issues of national concern, such as the removal of subsidies on petrol, the devaluation of the naira, the increase in taxes, and the deterioration of public services.

He said the NLC had also been demanding the implementation of the agreements reached between the union and the government, such as the payment of the minimum wage, the provision of social welfare programs, the development of infrastructure, and the revitalization of key sectors such as education and health.

He said the NLC had resorted to peaceful protests on Tuesday, after exhausting all avenues of dialogue and negotiation with the government. He said the protests were not aimed at undermining the government, but at expressing the grievances and aspirations of the workers and the masses.

He said the NLC was not a political party, but a trade union organization, whose primary objective was to protect and promote the interests of its members and the Nigerian people. He said the NLC would continue to perform its constitutional role of holding the government accountable and demanding good governance.

He urged Tinubu to respect the rights and dignity of the workers and the citizens, and to listen to their voices and concerns. He also urged him to channel his energy and resources towards resolving the problems facing the country, and to deliver on his mandate and manifesto.

He said the NLC was ready to cooperate and collaborate with the government, in the spirit of social dialogue and social partnership, to find lasting solutions to the challenges confronting the nation. He said the NLC hoped that the government would reciprocate the gesture, and show sincerity and commitment in addressing the issues raised by the union and the people.

He said the NLC believed that Nigeria had the potential and the capacity to overcome its current difficulties, and to achieve peace, prosperity, and democracy. He said the NLC would remain steadfast and resolute in its struggle for a better Nigeria, where justice, equity, and solidarity would prevail.


Source: Tribune Online

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