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Ogun Customs Seize Ammunition in Garri Sacks, Mark Major Victory

940 Rounds Intercepted, Underscoring Crackdown on Cross-Border Smuggling

by Adenike Adeodun

In a significant crackdown on illicit activities, the Ogun 1 Area Command of the Nigeria Customs Service has made a major seizure, intercepting 940 rounds of live ammunition ingeniously hidden within sacks of cassava flakes, popularly known as garri. This operation unfolded along the Benin-Idiroko border on Thursday, March 14, 2024, spotlighting the relentless efforts of customs officials to curb the smuggling of dangerous items into Nigeria.

Ahmadu Shuaibu, the Controller of the Ogun 1 Area Command, disclosed the details of this operation during a briefing held at the command’s Idiroko office. He recounted how, following over two weeks of meticulous tracking originating from the Republic of Benin, the customs team successfully thwarted the smugglers’ attempt to infiltrate Nigeria with the ammunition. Despite the smugglers’ elaborate tactics to avoid detection and arrest, they were ultimately forced to flee, leaving behind the contraband.

This seizure is part of a broader array of successful interceptions by the Command, highlighting its proactive stance against smuggling activities that threaten national security. Among these, the Command has also seized 123 sacks and 3,172 parcels of cannabis sativa, also known as Indian hemp, 380 pieces of donkey skin, 304 bales of used clothes, and 910 cartons of frozen poultry products. These operations spanned various locations across Ogun State, leveraging the Command’s extensive intelligence network and round-the-clock patrol and anti-smuggling activities.

The cumulative duty-paid value of these seized items is estimated to exceed N557 million, underscoring the significant economic impact of these operations. Additionally, from January to the date of the report, the command has generated revenue totaling N24,283,788, primarily from baggage assessment and the auction sales of confiscated petroleum products.

The relentless pursuit of smugglers by the Ogun 1 Area Command reflects the broader efforts of the Nigeria Customs Service to combat smuggling and enhance national revenue generation. Shuaibu extended his gratitude towards the Comptroller-General of Customs, Bashir Adeniyi, and his management team for their unwavering support in these endeavors.

Highlighting the command’s commitment to operational excellence and community safety, Shuaibu remarked on the recent operations conducted without any casualties—an achievement he credits to the judicious and responsible use of arms by customs officials to defend themselves when necessary. He issued a stern warning to smugglers about the inevitability of their arrest and prosecution, emphasizing the determination of the Customs Service to dismantle smuggling networks.

Shuaibu’s call to action for patriotic Nigerians to support the Command’s anti-smuggling efforts reflects a recognition of the vital role community cooperation plays in securing the nation against the smuggling of harmful substances, light weapons, arms, and ammunition. He assured prospective informants of maximum security, signaling the Command’s openness to collaboration in its ongoing fight against smuggling and its commitment to safeguarding national security and economic integrity.


Source: Vanguard

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