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Ondo APC Endorses Aiyedatiwa as Preferred Candidate

Party Elders Highlight Governor's Performance in Backing Their Choice

by Victor Adetimilehin

Ahead of the upcoming All Progressives Congress (APC) governorship primaries in Ondo State, the party’s elders have thrown their weight behind incumbent Governor Lucky Aiyedatiwa. This endorsement comes after a well-defined selection process undertaken by the Ondo APC Aborigines, a council of senior party members.

The elders meticulously evaluated all potential candidates vying for the governorship position. Following a series of meetings and assessments, they shortlisted three aspirants: Aiyedatiwa, the late Paul Akintelure, and former Finance Commissioner Wale Akinterinwa.

A Unanimous Decision with Tradition in Mind

Sola Iji, the chairman of the Ondo APC Aborigines, explained the rationale behind their decision. He emphasized the importance of experience and loyalty to the party, highlighting the tradition of offering a “right of first refusal” to the sitting governor.

“We believe a strong candidate should possess a deep understanding of our party’s values and a proven track record of commitment to our members,” Iji said. “Governor Aiyedatiwa’s conduct and performance in his first 100 days in office impressed the council. Therefore, we were unanimous in endorsing him as our preferred aspirant.”

Performance, Loyalty, and Familiarity: Key Considerations

Iji elaborated on the specific factors that influenced the elders’ decision. Aiyedatiwa’s performance during his short tenure was a significant consideration. The elders expressed satisfaction with his leadership and his dedication to serving the people of Ondo State.

Furthermore, the council placed a premium on loyalty to the party. Aiyedatiwa’s longstanding membership and his commitment to the APC’s ideology resonated with the elders. Additionally, his familiarity with the state’s political landscape was viewed as an asset.

The endorsement by the Ondo APC Aborigines signifies a significant boost for Aiyedatiwa’s campaign. The elders, who wield considerable influence within the party, pledged their full support to ensure his victory at the primaries.

“We are determined to leverage our collective strength and resources to secure Governor Aiyedatiwa’s nomination,” Iji declared. “We urge all party members to unite behind him and ensure a smooth and successful primary election.”

A Focus on the General Election and Good Governance

The elders expressed confidence that Aiyedatiwa’s candidacy strengthens the APC’s position for the upcoming general election. They believe his leadership will not only unify the party but also resonate with the electorate.

Ultimately, the endorsement by the Ondo APC Aborigines underscores a commitment to good governance in Ondo State. The elders believe Aiyedatiwa possesses the experience, vision, and dedication necessary to lead the state into a prosperous future.

The Ondo State governorship race is expected to be a closely watched contest, with national implications. Aiyedatiwa’s bid for re-election will be a key test for the APC’s strength in the region.

The outcome of the primaries and the general election will be keenly observed by both the party and the nation at large. A victory for Aiyedatiwa would solidify the APC’s dominance in Ondo State, while a loss could signal a shift in the political landscape.

Primaries and Preparations

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has set April as the month for governorship primaries across all political parties in Nigeria. The Ondo APC has scheduled its primary for April 20th.

In the coming weeks, Aiyedatiwa will face other contenders within the party. He will need to effectively campaign and garner support from party delegates to secure the nomination.

While the endorsement by the elders provides a significant boost, Aiyedatiwa cannot afford to be complacent. The upcoming weeks will be crucial for his campaign, as he strives to convince party members and voters of his vision for Ondo State’s future.

Source: Punch

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