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Nigerian Railway Corporation Clarifies Medical Attention

NRC Reassures Public After Officer's Death, Vows to Strengthen Safety Measures

by Victor Adetimilehin

The Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) has addressed concerns following the death of a police officer onboard an Abuja-Kaduna train on April 5, 2024. Social media erupted with accusations that the officer’s death resulted from a lack of medical personnel on the train.

The NRC responded swiftly, issuing a statement titled “We Have Medical Staff on Our Trains – NRC Offers Condolences to Family of Deceased Officer.” The statement clarifies that a medical professional, Ms. Mariam Abdulai, was present and assisted by a doctor who happened to be a passenger. Both medical personnel attempted to revive the officer.

“We want to assure the public that our trains carry well-trained medical personnel and have a fully equipped medical cubicle to handle any emergency health concerns our valued passengers may experience,” the NRC’s statement reads.

The deceased officer, Inspector Nambut Selbol, was reportedly on escort duty. The cause of his death is yet to be determined. The NRC expressed their deepest condolences to Inspector Selbol’s family.

Transparency and Public Trust

The NRC’s prompt response highlights its commitment to transparency and passenger safety. The incident underscores the importance of clear communication, especially during emergencies. Having readily available medical personnel onboard trains can undoubtedly save lives in critical situations.

While the NRC emphasizes the presence of medical staff, some Nigerians remain concerned. Questions linger about the extent of medical training provided to onboard personnel and the availability of life-saving equipment.

The NRC can further strengthen public trust by providing detailed information about the qualifications of their medical staff and the types of medical emergencies they are equipped to handle. Additionally, investing in advanced medical equipment like defibrillators could significantly improve emergency response capabilities onboard trains.

Investing in Passenger Safety

Beyond medical attention, the NRC should continuously review and improve overall passenger safety measures. Regular inspections of trains and railway infrastructure are crucial for preventing accidents. Additionally, educating passengers on emergency protocols and evacuation procedures can empower them to react swiftly in unforeseen situations.

The tragic death of Inspector Selbol serves as a stark reminder of the importance of prioritizing passenger safety on Nigerian railways. By implementing these recommendations, the NRC can rebuild public trust and ensure a safer travel experience for all Nigerians.

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