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Nigeria to Launch 2,700 CNG Buses and Tricycles by May 29

Mass Transit Initiative Aims to Provide Cleaner, Cheaper Transportation

by Victor Adetimilehin

Nigeria is set to launch a major initiative aimed at improving mass transit in the country. The Federal Government announced plans to roll out 2,700 compressed natural gas (CNG) powered buses and tricycles by May 29, 2024. This initiative, known as the Presidential CNG Initiative (PCNGI), is part of a broader effort to transition Nigeria’s transportation sector to cleaner and more affordable fuels.

Boosting CNG Infrastructure

The PCNGI goes beyond simply delivering vehicles. The initiative also includes the creation of 100 conversion workshops and 60 refueling stations spread across 18 states. This infrastructure rollout is crucial for the success of the program, as it will ensure that CNG vehicles have access to the fuel they need to operate.

The Nigerian government is not going it alone in this endeavor. The PCNGI is a public-private partnership that has attracted over $50 million in investments from the private sector. These investments are being used to establish refueling stations, conversion centers, and other essential infrastructure.

Multiple Benefits Expected

The PCNGI is expected to deliver several benefits to Nigeria. First, it is expected to make public transportation more affordable. CNG is a cheaper fuel than gasoline, which could lead to lower fares for bus and tricycle rides. Second, the initiative is expected to reduce air pollution. CNG burns cleaner than gasoline, so the increased use of CNG vehicles could help to improve air quality in Nigerian cities. Finally, the PCNGI could create jobs in the manufacturing, operation, and maintenance of CNG vehicles and infrastructure.

Despite the potential benefits, the PCNGI faces some challenges. One challenge is ensuring that the rollout of CNG vehicles and infrastructure is completed on time and within budget. Another challenge is raising awareness of CNG among Nigerians. Many Nigerians may not be familiar with CNG, so the government will need to educate the public about the benefits of this fuel.

Long-Term Vision

The PCNGI is a significant step forward for Nigeria’s transportation sector. The initiative has the potential to make public transportation more affordable, reduce air pollution, and create jobs. While challenges remain, the Nigerian government’s commitment to this initiative suggests that it is serious about transitioning to a cleaner and more efficient transportation system.

Source: Punch


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