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Peter Obi Urges Compassion After Tinubu’s Fall on Democracy Day

Obi Emphasizes Empathy, Unity for Nigeria

by Adenike Adeodun

Labour Party’s 2023 presidential candidate, Peter Obi, has urged Nigerians not to gloat over President Bola Tinubu’s fall during the Democracy Day celebration. Tinubu tripped while attempting to climb a truck at Eagles Square in Abuja on June 12, 2024. The incident, captured on video, showed the President losing his footing and falling before his security entourage assisted him.

Reacting to the incident, Obi described it as unfortunate and emphasized that no one gains from gloating. “I was saddened to learn of President Tinubu’s unfortunate fall today. I wish him well,” Obi said. He reminded Nigerians that accidents can happen to anyone and stressed the importance of focusing on issues that unite the country. “We achieve nothing by gloating about an accident that could well happen to any of us,” he added.

In his Democracy Day message on X, Obi called for a re-examination of Nigeria’s democratic journey. He lamented that the country has deteriorated into “classical state capture” rather than a government for the people. As Nigeria marks 25 years of uninterrupted democracy, Obi expressed disappointment over leadership failures leading to systemic corruption, high levels of insecurity, lack of freedom of speech, increasing poverty rates, and unprecedented levels of hunger and hardship.

Obi argued that true democracy should be people-oriented, where citizens’ rights are respected, laws are obeyed, and leaders are accountable. He pointed out that Nigeria’s current state reflects the opposite of these democratic ideals. “True democracy should be about the people. Unfortunately, Nigeria has failed to achieve this,” Obi noted.

Obi’s remarks underscore the need for compassion, empathy, and unity in pursuing a brighter future for Nigeria. He urged Nigerians to stay focused on issues that matter and work together to build a better nation. “Let us stay focused on the issues that will lead to a new Nigeria. May this moment serve as a poignant reminder of our shared humanity,” Obi said.

He also highlighted the importance of addressing the root causes of Nigeria’s problems, including corruption, insecurity, and poverty. Obi called on leaders to be more accountable and for citizens to demand better governance. “We must hold our leaders accountable and work towards a true democracy that benefits all Nigerians,” he emphasized.

As Nigeria continues its democratic journey, Obi’s message serves as a reminder of the challenges ahead and the need for collective action. The focus on unity and compassion is crucial for overcoming these challenges and achieving a truly democratic society. Obi’s call for re-examining Nigeria’s democratic path and addressing leadership failures resonates with many Nigerians who yearn for positive change.



Source: The Guardian

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