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Akpabio Pleads with Germany to Halt Deportation of 12,000 Migrants

Nigeria's Senate President Warns of Escalating Insecurity, Urges Joint Action

by Ikeoluwa Juliana Ogungbangbe
Nigeria-Germany Deportation

In a heartfelt plea to the German government, Senator Godswill Akpabio, the President of the Senate, has urged against the deportation of approximately 12,000 illegal migrants back to Nigeria. Akpabio emphasized that such an action could exacerbate the existing security challenges within the country.

The appeal came during a courtesy visit to Abuja by the German Ambassador to Nigeria, Annette Gunther, where both officials discussed the potential for collaboration between the two nations.

Gunther, acknowledging the significance of both Nigeria and Germany as major economies in their respective continents, emphasized the need for cooperation between them. She stated, “We are honored to be here today. Nigeria and Germany, as the largest economies and populations in Africa and Europe, respectively, should join forces in the best interests of their people. Nigeria holds the position of Germany’s second-largest trading partner in sub-Saharan Africa.”

Senator Akpabio, addressing the pressing issues faced by Nigeria, particularly insecurity, urged Germany to work in tandem with Nigeria in the realms of security and power, with the aim of enhancing Nigeria’s socio-political development.

He implored Ambassador Gunther to assist Nigeria, the continent’s most populous nation, in its fight against insecurity while bolstering its economic stability. Akpabio expressed his concerns about Germany’s plan to deport 12,000 illegal migrants of Nigerian origin, emphasizing the potential security risks this could pose.

“We are also grappling with issues of infiltration from neighboring countries,” Akpabio remarked. “In the past, during the Boko Haram crisis in the North East, the situation might not have escalated to the extent it did if we had received support from major players like Germany and others.”

Referring to past difficulties in obtaining support from countries like the United States, Akpabio highlighted the impact of social media on such decisions. He suggested that developed nations should refrain from making decisions solely based on social media narratives and instead be more open to assisting developing countries.

The recent decision by Germany to deport a substantial number of illegal Nigerians, totaling 12,000 individuals, has raised concerns about potential security implications. Senator Akpabio called for a thorough assessment by German immigration officers to determine the true nationality of those being deported.

Akpabio explained that many individuals might falsely claim to be Nigerian due to the political instability in countries such as Mali, Niger, and Burkina Faso. He stressed that the mass deportation of 12,000 illegal immigrants to Nigeria could lead to an escalation of insecurity within the country. He argued that, if left to fend for themselves without any connections, the result could be a rise in militancy and insecurity.

The plea from Senator Godswill Akpabio serves as a stark reminder of the delicate balance between addressing immigration concerns and maintaining regional security. As Nigeria continues its efforts to combat insecurity, international cooperation and thoughtful decision-making regarding deportation policies play a pivotal role in ensuring stability in the region.

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