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How Nigerians Are Imagining a New Future on X #NewNigeria

How the Super eagle's campaign in AFCON is bringing out patriotism

by Victor Adetimilehin

Nigerians have taken to X (formerly known as Twitter) to share their visions of a new Nigeria, inspired by the Super Eagles’ performance at the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) tournament. The hashtag #NewNigeria has been trending for days, as Nigerians express their hopes, frustrations, and aspirations for their country.

The trend was sparked by the ongoing AFCON tournament, where Nigeria’s national football team reached the final against Ivory Coast. Many Nigerians saw the team’s performance as a symbol of the nation’s potential and resilience, despite the challenges of insecurity, corruption, and economic hardship.

However, the trend also reflects the deeper issues that Nigerians face in their daily lives, such as the lack of basic amenities, the poor state of education and health care, the high rate of unemployment and poverty, and the marginalization of certain groups and regions. Some X users shared their personal stories of struggle and survival, while others called for political and social reforms, accountability, and justice. Some also expressed their dissatisfaction with the current leadership and governance, and demanded a change of direction and vision for the country.

The trend also attracted the attention of some prominent figures, such as politicians, celebrities, activists, and religious leaders, who joined the conversation and offered their opinions, advice, and support. Some of them praised the Super Eagles for their achievements and urged Nigerians to emulate their spirit and unity. Others criticized the government for its failures and urged Nigerians to take action and demand their rights. Some also appealed for peace, dialogue, and tolerance among the diverse ethnic, religious, and cultural groups in the country.

Here are some of the tweets that captured the mood of the trend:

@OluwaseunAyodeji: “A #NewNigeria is possible if we all work together and demand good governance from our leaders. We can’t continue to suffer and smile in a country blessed with so much resources and talent. Enough is enough!”

@ChinweUgele: “I dream of a #NewNigeria where every child has access to quality education, where every woman has equal rights and opportunities, where every youth has a decent job and a bright future, where every citizen enjoys security and justice. Is that too much to ask?”

@MusaAbdullahi: “The Super Eagles have shown us that nothing is impossible with hard work, determination, and teamwork. They have made us proud and given us hope. Let us use this momentum to build a #NewNigeria that we all deserve.”

@BlessingOkoro: “We need a #NewNigeria where our leaders are accountable to the people, where our institutions are strong and independent, where our laws are respected and enforced, where our resources are managed transparently and equitably, where our democracy is inclusive and participatory.”

@JohnOkafor: “I pray for a #NewNigeria where there is no violence, no hatred, no division, no discrimination, no oppression, no corruption, no poverty, no disease, no ignorance, no fear, but only love, peace, unity, harmony, prosperity, health, wisdom, and faith.”

The trend shows that Nigerians are not indifferent or apathetic about their country, but rather passionate and concerned. It also shows that Nigerians have a vision of a better future for themselves and their children, and are willing to work towards it. The trend also challenges the stereotypes and negative perceptions that some people have about Nigeria and Nigerians, and showcases the positive aspects of the country, such as its rich culture, diversity, creativity, and talent.

The trend also raises some questions, such as: What does a new Nigeria mean to different Nigerians? How can Nigerians achieve their desired goals and aspirations? What are the roles and responsibilities of the government, the citizens, and the international community in building a new Nigeria? How can Nigerians overcome the obstacles and challenges that hinder their progress and development? How can Nigerians sustain the momentum and enthusiasm that the trend has generated?

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