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Tinubu’s Health Boost: 16 Hospitals Upgraded Across Nigeria

President approves massive investment in health sector, aims to improve cancer diagnosis and care

by Victor Adetimilehin
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Nigeria’s President Bola Tinubu has announced a major upgrade of 16 health institutions across the country, in a bid to overhaul the health and social welfare sector for enhanced service delivery.

The president, who is seeking re-election in 2024, said the upgrade would include the establishment of oncology and nuclear medicine centres in six teaching hospitals, as well as the expansion of critical health care services in 10 other hospitals.

The project, which is expected to be completed within 12 to 18 months, is part of Tinubu’s Health Sector Renewal Investment Initiative, which aims to improve screening and diagnostics for communicable and non-communicable diseases, reduce mortality rates, and create employment opportunities.

The initiative is also in line with the president’s Renewed Hope Agenda, which focuses on eight priority areas, including health, education, security, and infrastructure.

Cancer-treatment infrastructure

According to the World Health Organization, Nigeria has one of the highest cancer mortality rates in Africa, with more than 100,000 new cases and 72,000 deaths every year.

The lack of adequate cancer-treatment infrastructure and equipment, as well as the high cost of treatment, are some of the challenges faced by many Nigerians living with the disease.

To address this, Tinubu said he had approved the establishment of oncology and nuclear medicine centres in the following teaching hospitals: University of Benin Teaching Hospital, Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital, University of Nigeria (Nsukka) Teaching Hospital, Federal Teaching Hospital, Katsina, University of Jos Teaching Hospital, Lagos University Teaching Hospital

These centres will provide world-class cancer diagnosis and care to Nigerians, as well as build the capacity of clinical personnel in advanced procedures, diagnostics, and treatment modalities.

The president said he was committed to ensuring that Nigerians have access to quality and affordable health care, regardless of their location or income.

Radiology and clinical pathology

In addition to the oncology and nuclear medicine centres, Tinubu also approved the expansion of radiology, clinical pathology, medical and radiation oncology, and cardiac catheterization services in 10 hospitals across all geo-political zones.

These hospitals are: Reference Hospital, Kaduna, Medical Diagnostic Centre Complex, Enugu, Usman Danfodiyo University Teaching Hospital, Sokoto, University College Hospital, Ibadan, University of Uyo Teaching Hospital, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University Teaching Hospital, Bauchi, Federal Medical Centre, Asaba, Harmony Advanced Diagnostic Centre Complex, Ilorin, Jos University Teaching Hospital, Federal Medical Centre, Nguru

These projects will enhance the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, kidney diseases, and infectious diseases.

The president said these projects were part of his vision to transform the health sector and make it more responsive to the needs and expectations of Nigerians.

He also thanked the Federal Ministry of Health and Social Welfare and the Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority for their collaboration and support in implementing the initiative.

A note of hope

The announcement of the health infrastructure upgrade has been welcomed by many Nigerians, especially those who have been affected by cancer or other diseases.

Some health experts and civil society groups have also commended the president for his bold and visionary move, saying it would have a positive impact on the health outcomes and quality of life of millions of Nigerians.

They also urged the government to ensure the timely and transparent execution of the projects, as well as the maintenance and sustainability of the facilities and equipment.

The president said he was confident that the initiative would contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, especially the goal of ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being for all at all ages.

He also expressed his hope that the initiative would inspire more investment and innovation in the health sector, as well as foster greater collaboration and partnership among stakeholders.

He said he would continue to work hard to fulfill his promise of delivering a better Nigeria for all.

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